Today I am going to list some really cute and trendy school supplies that are definitely must-have in every student's pencil case or locker.
  • Journal/ Agenda
You can keep track of anything homework, events, etc!
journal, bujo, and bullet journal image journal, school, and bullet journal image
  • Post-it notes
I started using these last year and its such must-have! There many different sizes and designs.
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  • Calligraphy pens
These pens are really nice for decorating your notes!
  • Motivational Pencil set
These look so cute on your desk, locker, pencil case and motivate you on that test!
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  • Highlighters
Perfect for marking up important things like vocabulary, test dates, events, etc! Plus the pastel ones are so aesthetically pleasing.
school, colors, and highlighter image biology, colours, and diagrams image
  • Emergency Bag

Emergency bags are essential in any girls bag pack perfume, period kit, lip chap, etc.

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