Hi everyone ! I'm back with a music challenge ! In fact, I wanted to do a playlist but I thought a challenge was way funnier.
The user that gave me the will to do it is @viridihty, go check it out, her article is really cool !

I hope you'll enjoy my article and find some music to listen to !

1| A song with a color in the title

zayn malik, boys, and photoshoot image celebrities, dark, and fashion image
Blue by zayn

2| A song with a number in the title

famous, food, and hip hop image artist, france, and french image
70 by Lomepal (french rapper)

3| A song that reminds me of summer

Nick Mara, prettymuch, and austin porter image prettymuch, edwin honoret, and brandon arreaga image
Summer on you by PRETTYMUCH (go check them out btw they are underrated)

4| A song about drugs or alcohol

cat, pills, and art image Abusive image
Kokain by RAF Camora (deutsch rapper)

5| A song that makes me wanna dance

curly hair, pink, and blue image feed, french, and pastel image
Rebeus in Oran by Rilès (again, if you don't know him, go check out his songs, he his a whole talent)

6| A song that needs to be played out loud

caroline, francais, and musique image mc solaar image
Solaar pleure by Mc Solaar (french rapper)

7| A song that reminds you of someone you'd rather forget

blue, boy, and curly hair image curly hair, sea, and boy image
The Heartbreak by Rilès

8| A song I never get tired of

beautiful, france, and kiss image aesthetic, black, and boy image
Lolita by Ash Kidd

9| A song that makes me happy

bizarre, france, and rap image bizarre, france, and pikachu image
Bizarre by Vald et Lorenzo (french rappers)

10| A song to ride to

accessories, concert, and diamond image accessories, eyes, and wolf image
Ride slow by RUSS

11| A song from my preteen years

one direction, 1d, and liam payne image Image removed
Live while we're young - One Direction

12| A song that makes me sad

mountain, pink, and text image quote, who knew, and P!nk image
Who knew by P!nk

13| A song that I'd duet on karaoke

Image removed columbine, music, and rap image
C'est pas grave by Columbine

14| A song from a classic movie

Hot, Leonardo di Caprio, and leonardo dicaprio image Image by yuri
Titanic by Céline Dion

15| A song from the seventies

bob marley, etsy, and bob marley poster image bnw, bob marley, and source image
No woman no cry by Bob Marley

16| A song I like that's a cover

aesthetic, beverage, and chill image green, aesthetic, and mint image
Couleur menthe à l'eau by Isaac Delusion

17| A song I want played at my wedding

Image by intimidator Elvis Presley, elvis, and 50s image
Can't help falling in love by Elvis Presley

18| A song from the year I was born

Afro, beautiful, and black image pop, reggae, and musician image
Toutes les femmes de ta vie by L5

19| A song that makes me thing about life

beach, sea, and vintage image antique, bretagne, and france image
Plage 80 by KIKESA

20| A song that has many meanings to me

nekfeu and ken image nekfeu image
Mon âme by Nekfeu

21| A song I like with a person's name in the title

Image removed Abusive image
Luna by Moha La Squale

22| A song everyone should listen to

bts, jimin, and jin image jin, korean, and Lyrics image
Make It Right by BTS

23| A song that moves me forward

panic! at the disco, P!ATD, and wallpaper image Temporarily removed
High Hopes by Pan!ic at the Disco

24| A song by an artist who passed away

Image removed rainbow, sky, and clouds image
Somewhere over the rainbow by IZ

25| A song from a band I wish was still together

one direction, Harry Styles, and zayn malik image one direction, niall horan, and Harry Styles image
Fool's gold by One Direction

26| A song that makes me want to fall in love

Temporarily removed Temporarily removed
Las Vegas by Jok'Air

27| A song that breaks my heart

equality, feminism, and feminist image aesthetic, empowering, and equal rights image
#METOO by Vin's

28| A song by an artist whose voice I love

bazzi image bazzi image
I.F.L.Y by Bazzi

29| A song I remember from childhood

Hot, Jennifer Lopez, and pretty image hair, style, and girl image
Get right by Jennifer Lopez

30| A song that reminds me of myself

fans, rap, and columbine image france, micro, and rap image
Borderline by Columbine

Thanks for reading, hope you liked it !
Have a good day, take care of you !

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