Okay listen-
I know it's August. But I decided to make this christmas a memorable christmas. Christmas used to be so magical when I was a kid but the last few years it was just another holiday. And I want it to be different this year! That's why I made this plan.

  • make a playlist (end of november)

It has to be atleast 5 hours long because it'll be the only thing I'm listening to for over a month.

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  • go buy christmas stuff

And I mean literally everything: christmas shower gel, christmas deodorant, christmas socks, christmas decoration, christmas candles, christmas blankets and basically everything christmas you can find.

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  • decorate your house (November 30th)

make your house/apartment/room into a goddamn christmas wonderland.

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  • blast christmas music on the first day of december to annoy your family and friends
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  • Watch a christmas movie on every day until 25th

And I dont want to just watch 25 movies, no if I have enough time I'll watch multiple movies in a row.

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  • bake cookies
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  • drink hot chocolate every day atleast twice
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  • write a christmas wishlist
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  • go ice skating
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  • go on a hike in the snow
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  • buy a santa hat and wear it all the time
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  • spend lots of time with your family

I'm actually planning to not enter my room except for sleep and putting on clothes and stuff the entire advent.

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  • build a snowman
snowman, snow, and winter image Image by Alma Rosa winter, snow, and snowman image Image by maria leonidou
  • go to a christmas market
  • spend a whole day watching christmas movies with my family
  • make a gingerbread man
  • get drunk on eggnog
  • have a snowball fight
  • go sledding
  • make christmas cocktails
  • wear christmas pjs all day
  • shop for presents
  • organize a christmas dinner
  • wrap presents
  • dress up fancy for christmas eve