I knew from the second month in this year I would not remember to do this post. Hey future me! Remember to do this after your first month of college!

Okay! Most of my music taste has not changed since then, but I did add some new names to my list.

Because I still love the artists I noted last time, I will acknowledge them in a list:

Why Don't We

why don't we and what am i image

(They release a song each month!)

Five Seconds of Summer

luke hemmings, michael clifford, and calum hood image

(Have you heard TEETH??)

Panic! At the Disco

Image by 🦋 🌸 🥰

(Have you heard Brandon on ME!??)

Twenty One Pilots

twenty one pilots, josh dun, and tyler joseph image


aesthetic, band, and green image aesthetic, art, and black image Image by isyGrace Image by isyGrace

(Have you listened to their new releases???)


pretend, zabdiel de jesús, and joel pimentel image

(Have you listened to Pretend?)

Okay THAT's enough of recap.. here's what's new...


Image by isyGrace
Ready by Ruel

(I love this whole album) If you like slower songs that kind of make you jam this is for you!! My absolute favorites though are "Dazed and Confused" and "Thinking Bout You"

AJ Mitchell

Image by isyGrace
Hopeful by AJ MItchell

I came across this album because I liked the one he did with Ava Max (Slow Dance, great song). But this album gives me more of a heartbreak/boyband feel.

Now for the more emo side of me...

Palaye Royale

Image by isyGrace
Boom Boom Room Side B by Palaye Royale

Again, I love this whole album including their new songs that just came out. But my absolute favorites are "Dying In A Hot Tub", "Teenage Heartbreak Queen", "Hospital Beds", and the newest one "Nervous Breakdown". (This was hard to choose).

Alec Benjamin

Image by isyGrace
Narrated For You by Alec Benjamin

Depending on your mood this album can help your bad days or just be something good and calm to listen to. My favorites are "Let Me Down Slowly", "Steve", "Gotta Be A Reason", "Water Fountain", and "If I Killed Someone For You". Again I should just list the whole dang album. This is because all of his songs have some sort of a lesson, or a plot line that you can follow. I've never heard music like this before!


I've listened to him a lot in the past but recently I looked him back up because I saw him sing at a Why Don't We Concert.

I've always loved "Lights Down Low", "Mug Shot", and "Lost My Way" from his 2016 album Hell's Kitchen Angels.

Image by isyGrace
Still New York by MAX feat. Leslie Grace and Joey Bada$$

I mainly love this song because it is partly in Spanish! But I just loved it when I saw the lyric video.

Last but not least...

Descendants 1, 2 and 3

I know this is Disney Channel. But, these movies are my favorite thing about the "New" Disney. I fell in love because I love the original animated Disney movies, and this is a telling of their kid's stories!

Image by isyGrace

Descendants 1 :

My favorite songs: "Did I Mention", "If Only", and "Set It Off". In the credits Shawn Mendes sings "Believe", China Anne McClain sings "Night Is Young", and Felicia Barton sings "I'm Your Girl".

Image removed

Descendants 2

My favorite songs: "Ways To Be Wicked", "What's My Name", "Chillin' Like a Villain", "Space Between", and "You and Me".

Mature image
"Night Falls"

Descendants 3

My favorite songs: "Good To Be Bad","Queen Of Mean", "Night Falls", "Break This Down",and "Did I Mention".

We need a full version of acoustic Did I Mention Disney!!!!

I hope I remember to keep you updated if I find any new artists!!

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