a playlist of songs i've discovered recently or rediscovered and are amazing!!

starting off: IF you have done an enneagram test then sleeping at last has really beautiful songs written for your type! mine is three and i absolutely love the song. four and one too. and if you haven't you should take the test cause it really helped me understand my personality better!

three - sleeping at last

maybe I've done enough, and your golden child grew up

carry you - ruelle feat. fleurie

is anybody out there, can you lead me to the light

put your name on it - mabel

no drama I'm too busy did that cross your mind

unsteady - x ambassadors

hold onto me, cause I'm a little unsteady

bruises - lewis capaldi

maybe i, maybe I'm just being blinded by the bright side

gone - bebe rexha

cause I'm a lost river that never reach the sea

exhale - sabrina carpenter

everybody answers shit i didn't ask. think I'm reaching my limit

don't play - halsey

I'm on my own, i had some space to deal with it

it's not u, it's me - bea miller

it's not u, it's me i'm the only one i need

buy me diamonds - bea miller

so give me something i can hold that i can trust and call my own

i don't exist - olivia o'brien

crop me out the photo so they can pretend like i don't exist