I don't really care how good these playlists actually are. I'm just going to continue making them and sharing them with the world.
This playlist was actually inspired by the playlist:

I thought it was a really cute idea. Of coarse I'm not doing the exact same thing. Mine is more of a picnic theme. LIke what you will be eating and what is the setting. Anyway. Enjoy.

So we are gonna start with what we are eating. The


options for this picnic.

Froot - MARINA

Goodie Bag - Still Woozy

cheetos, sky, and aesthetic image autumn, fall, and apple image
For some red options

Flaming Hot Cheetos - Clairo

Because who doesn't eat hot cheetos at a picnic

Apple - Julia Michaels

Temporarily removed peach, fruit, and food image
For some orange options

Peach Fuzz - Tyler, the Creator

Orange Trees - MARINA

Peach Pit - Peach Pit

Apricot Princess - Rex Orange County

This song just reminds me of me and y friends sitting around the bonfire and this song starts playing and two of my friends just start going off to the beginning but it gets interupted like five times till the speaker dies and we have to play it on my speaker on my phone because my friends are idiots. Lol.

Peach - Kevin Abstract

lemon, yellow, and aesthetic image summer, aesthetic, and green image
Surprise, another song about peaches. And a great transition to some sour yellow.

Lemonworld - Ocean Alley

LEMONS - Nick Leng

Temporarily removed food, salad, and healthy image
Hoping you're seeing a pattern so next color is ...

Veggies - Aminé, Ty Dolla $ign

Kiwi - Harry Styles

food, fruit, and healthy image berry, food, and fresh image
There are really not a lot of blue foods that naturally exist and also looking up blueberry songs is not something I really want to do so purple time.

Prune, You Talk Funny - Gus Dapperton

Açaí Bowl - Dominic Fike

Image removed fruit, workout, and yum image

Time for that beautiful setting. Where will you be having your food. Here are some suggestions of


that will make you feel in the picnicing mood.

FRUiTS, food, and picnic image lunch, picnic, and relax image

Sunflower - Rex Orange County

Chronic Sunshine - Cosmo Pyke

Lavander - Q

Plants - Crumb

Always good to have some of those around.

Moonlight - Jarreau Vandal, Hollie Carmen, Jay-Way

For thos vampires out there.

La Vie En Rose - Louis Armstrong

Can't you just imagine listening to this song while having a picnic.

And so, the Spotify playlist you have all been waiting for:


That's it for me on this article. Hope you enjoyed it.
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