I'm not looking forward to writing this article, because I hate school with a passion, lol- I think that this is going to be a better school year for me, though.

What grade are you in?
I'm in the first year of high school.

What is your favorite subject?
I like Maths and English (as a second language).

What subjects do you hate the most and why?
Ancient greek, because it's really hard to learn- espacially the grammar.

What do you wear at school?
We don't wear uniforms, so I wear a hoodie and sweatpants- lol.

What's you advice on surviving school?
Probably avoid toxic people. For example, the mean girls and athletes who have a big idea of themselves- I'm not saying that every athlete is the same, I'm talking generally.

Do you participate in any sports at school?
I don't, but I would love to learn volleyball and participate in it at school.

What clique/group are you in?
We don't have a label- we're just five, normal, teenage girls.

What are your school related goals?
To study more and pay more attention in class.

What subjects are you taking?
Greek language, Ancient Greek, Maths, History, Science, Chemistry, Biology, Physical Education, Art, Music, English, Religious Education, Greek Literature, Political Education, Greek Mythology. I'm from Greece.

What's your favorite thing about your school?
Probably how the students don't hate and disrespect each other. We all mind our own business and have our own group of friends. There will always be some kids who are immature, but there aren't many of them.

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I wish you all to have a good start at school this year and don't forget to study more!

-e ♥