As I said, I'm back. This time everything comes form my mind, no inspo.
I hope you'll like it!

-travel by myself

girl, nature, and travel image travel, black and white, and airplane image

-visit america

city and new york image 1970s, amazing, and newyork image

-publish a book of mine

journal and writing image Temporarily removed

-sing and be paid for it

1960s, 1970s, and 60s image lana del rey image

-go to the airport and buy a ticket for a random destination

aesthetic, dark, and lilac image beautiful, cloud, and fly image

-learn piano

Image removed Image by Blippy

-find the right person

Temporarily removed couple, love, and Relationship image

-perform on the street

Image removed Image removed

-meet a celebrity randomly

celebrity, fashion, and model image shawn mendes, camila cabello, and celebrity image

-live a long period of time abroad

abroad, career, and guidance image abroad, balcony, and blonde image

Here you can find my articles


The next article will be in Italian, my first language so I'm sorry for everybody that won't understand what I'll be writing but I'm going to write about something which is more personal therefor I chose to do this in a language where I'm more confident. I hope you'll understand.