"Honestly Bryson, I feel so stressed about everything. I have absolutely no idea where my life is going. I don’t even know what I want out of life. Some days I think I’m just gonna work in my daddy’s store forever.”

We finally came to a stop on the bridge. Bryson leaned on the railing facing me. There were lines on his forehead while he looked up. I stood there thinking maybe I shouldn’t have opened up, but then he actually spoke.

“You don’t have to have a map of your whole life to have a good life. Jobs, houses, money … none of those things bring real joy. Joy comes from being in fellowship with Christ and others. Joy comes in those moments where you wake up, and you know there are people to love and people who love you. Joy is having earth with its green grass and blue sky. It’s in every little thing. Look up,” he said, pointing toward the sky. “Joy is in those stars. I guarantee you that when God created the planets and all the animals and humans, there was joy in His heart. Why else does the Bible say that He said ‘it is good?’ If it’s good, then it must bring Him joy.”

He gently grabbed my arm, pulling me to his side. “Cling to God, not future plans.” We both looked up at the billions of stars in the sky. To some, they were just a burning ball of gas. To little kids, they were fireflies. At that moment, I realized, God knows each and every one of those stars just like He knows each and every human. He had a plan for me, but just like those stars, I could shine brightly without having to have it all figured out.


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