Welcome to the second article in the series Study aesthetic. If you didn't check the first article what are you waiting:

This time I have nice tips for language learners, enjoy and I hope you will use some of these tips in your learning!

You like a language, learn it. Don`t give up on learning it only because it is not popular, "useful" or your friends don`t like it.
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Sticky notes, sticky notes everywhere. If you can`t remember a grammar rule or a word, use sticky notes
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Study daily, even if it is for 10 minutes
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Learn the first 100-300 most common words, they are like everywhere
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"Hakuna Matata mais quelle phrase magnifique" Disney is your best friend, sing Disney songs to improve pronunciation. Also, watch Disney movies, you know the story already so you can focus on the language.
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Watch movies with subs in your target language.
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Talk, talk and talk. If you aren`t a social person, talk to yourself, to your pat, to a wall, it doesn`t matter. Just force yourself to think in your target language.
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Use your target language to basic stuff like counting, groceries, etc.
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Change setting on your phone, on your social media. Use it 24/7, you know what every that thing does there so you could learn the name of those settings in your target language
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If you lost motivation, take a break and remember why you started. Understand that your progress will be slow after a while. Accept it and keep going.
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Accept the fact that you can’t translate every word one by one. There are special structures, word order, particles, etc. your target language might not be as your native one.
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You’ll make mistakes, love that! That means you’re learning and you’ll have funny stories to tell in a couple of years.
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well, this was one more article in this series Study aesthetic. If you liked these tips then give heart and send me a message if you want the second part and feel free to share some of your learning tips.