Hi guys! Fall comes soon and that's why and I wanted to recommend some songs that you might like to listen to at this time of year, the trends we love most about this fall and also some tips to organize with the return to class. We hope you like the article. Let's get started!

Here are some song recommendations that motivate you to get this new stage of the year. Some songs are newer and some are older!

1- Safe & Sound- Taylor Swift ft. The civil Wars

Taylor Swift, safe and sound, and Lyrics image Taylor Swift and hunger games image
As you know, it's the promotional song for "The Hunger Games" and it's really great for the fall.

2- Lego House- Ed Sheeran

ed sheeran, rupert grint, and lego house image black, Build, and down image
It's a great song for this season. A mix of folk and pop.

3- Presiento- Morat, Aitana

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A song in Spanish, which can cheer you on the coldest days of autumn

4- Lovely- Billie Eilish, Khalid

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And this is the last song, I guess you'll already know it, so don't forget to put it on your playlist!

Trends and fashion this fall:
Here are some of my favorite clothes that I wear in autumn and also new trends!

1- Scarves

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I love to wear scarves of all colors in autumn. There are a thousand possibilities to combine it and many different ways to put it on. It also gives a very personal touch to your look.

2- New trend this autumn: The Ruffles

skirt with ruffles image fashion, outfit, and aesthetic image
A new trend this fall, it's the Ruffles, there's a lot of clothes that have them. Do you like this trend?

3- Yellow, Red or Brown

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These are the colors I like to wear the most in this season. I really love them!

4- Neon Colors

fashion, green, and aesthetic image Image by 🥀🍃
This is another key trend this fall. They may be more difficult to put together, but they have a lot of flow and originality.


1- All in time: It is important, do not always leave things to the end, know how to prioritize the tasks that we must do and organize what we have to do every day.

boy, creative, and daily image planner and cool school supplies image school, study, and book image planner image
I think one thing that helps everyone a lot is to write down in a planner or an agenda what we have to do every day.

2- When it comes to studying: sometimes it is better that we do not study everything by heart, it is better that we make drawings, outlines and try to understand what we are studying. It helps a lot to explain with your own words aloft, the subject you are studying, to see if you have understood it.

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I forget a lot about things, so I like to outline and draw pictures about what I have to study.

3- Use Colors:
Using colors is a way of giving importance to phrases, paragraphs, or words that we should remember. Besides, when we don't want to study it's better that we see a text with colors and drawings, than a boring and monotome.

amarillo, crayola, and stabilo image crayola, stabilo, and escuela image plumas, study, and escuela image Temporarily removed
As you can see in the photos above, you want more to study the papers with colors.

4- Buy school supplies you like and give it your personal touch: I love buying folders or notebooks of a single color, so I can decorate them, put photos of my favorite series, books and videogames and so, not spend a lot of money, and still have a great school material.

aesthetic, army, and art image bonito, cute, and material escolar image Aloha, beach, and book image books, college, and color image
I love putting in my backpack some badges or patches to decorate it.

I hope you loved the article, remember that if you want me to do something, you can send us a message. Thanks guys!