Hello hearters,
recently I have been watching and discovering new female youtubers. Most of people I usually watch on youtube are boys,so this is a big change for me. All of these amazing youtubers are really good and that's the reason I wanted to do this article. I already did article on my favorite youtubers, you can check that one here:

Let's start.

1. Roxxsaurus
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Out of all this girls I will be mentioning today I have been watching Roxxsaurus the longest. She does chloting videos. My favorite videos are when she does Wish hauls or some other chloting hauls.She also has series where she dresses up like celebrities for a week, she also does makeup tutorials sometimes.

2. Jessica Kobeissi
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I have been watching her videos for a couple months now. She's a photographer. I love her series called "4 PHOTOGRAPHERS SHOOT THE SAME MODEL". She gives amazing tips on how to edit your photos and you should check her out.

3. Roxette Arisa
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I just found her channel and I really like it. She is makeup guru. A lot of her videos are about drugstore makeup which are really helpful if you're on the budget.

4. Luhhsetty
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Another amazing youtuber. I watched her videos last night until 3 am. What I like the most on her channel are girl talk videos, where she talks about everything girl related from hygiene to periods and so much more. I think her videos would be helpful for teenage girls a lot.

5. AlexandrasGirlyTalk
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Great youtuber. Her channel is really helpful to me and her voice is so calming too. She does a lot of videos about things that no one tells you. She does videos about hair, skin care, fashion. I just love her videos.

6. Freddy My Love
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She is so different from all others youtubers that I mentioned in this video. She does chloting videos, but she's really really girly. My favorite video that she is done is one where she dresses up as a gossip girl characters for a week.

7. Ayydubs
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Her videos are so funny. I have been watching her for few months now. I love when she does videos where she reveals her subscribers secrets and also when she opens fan mail, they're always funny.

That's all for this time. I hope you like it. See you soon with new article. Check my previous articles here: