!warning english is not my strong suit bare the wrong grammar!

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everybody struggles with their life.

our life is never perfect, so it's okay not to be okay. it's okay if you cried. it's okay if you are tired. it's okay to break down. it's okay to have your own space. it's okay to scream. it's okay to be selfish. it's okay to be sad. it's okay to love yourself.

but it's not okay to give up.

take a deep breath and count backward then slowly breathe out. repeat it until you feel relax and your mind is clear. think about happy times, things that make you smile and think about people you love. most importantly think about yourself before making decision.

i know what it feels to be depressed, alone and broken on your own, but i never give up. that moment i may lose hope and felt lost. i allowed myself to crumble for awhile but i picked up myself again. i told my heart to be strong, that i can do it.

and it's not okay to hurt yourself. stop wallow in self-pity, fight your insecurities, rise up and smile. because no matter what only you can save yourself, only you can change your future, only you can decide your own happiness.

life is beautiful, live it as you wish.


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