A disclaimer : Sorry, I didn't expect this article to be that long.
And if you really want to improve your lifestyle in order to be more happy, I suggest you to take your time doing this.

Hello everybody, I hope your day is going great, if not, here are my tips to improve your mood. I hope you'll like it and try it.

Step 1: Music

Music is what is going to get you up and started with your journey to happiness. Either you'll listen to some happy and motivational songs, either you'll listen to sad songs. But in each case you're going to feel the music and it will make want to start getting better.

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Step 2: Writing

  • Now that you're up and motivated you need to plan. What do you want to do? Who do you want to be? Write the pro's and con's of your situation, write the things that you need to achieve to feel better.
  • Then write what is making you feel sad, what is bothering you, what you hate about yourself, about the world,... Writing all those things will help you feel released and you may realize that they're not so impressive as they seemed. Sometimes we tend to overreact and writing things down can help.
  • Finally, write how you feel. If you can write poems, songs, articles or journal, it can help you too. I like to write down how I feel so that in the future, I can read it and be proud of how I overcame that period.

Step 3: Care

Often when we feel sad or stressed we tend to stop caring about our appearance. But hygiene and self care are very important for mental health. So take a bath, take care of your skin, your hair, dress well and put makeup on if you feel the need. Feeling the change and liking your look is important, you can even go to the hairdresser or do your nails,...

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Step 4: Responsibilities

If you have something important to do, do it! You can't feel good if you always have something on your mind that is keeping you anxious. If you need to answer mails, do a homework or finish a task then go for it. I promise you will feel much lighter after.

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Step 5: Mind

Now, if you have done all those things, you may feel less sad or stressed. But we are looking forward to be happier and the key is to change your mindset.

  • In a first place, try spending the least time possible on your phone, TV, and computer. If you are addicted, there are Apps that can help you spend less time on your phone. In the same way, try avoiding toxic people or things that make you feel bad.
  • Then try to occupy your mind as much as you can, by doing different activities like reading, painting/drawing, exercising, writing, cooking, going out, singing,... (Far from screens obviously!!)
  • Finally, now that you tried a lot of different things (may have taken you some days), you should know better what works for you, what makes you feel better, makes you happy. Do those or that thing more, everyday if you can. That thing is going to be the one keeping you happy in your everyday life.

(Last) Step 6: Love

Find love around you. I like to look for it wherever I go. I personally find it in nature, in people, in pets. When you go for a run or take the bus, look around you, but look at it with beauty in your eyes and find joy in trees, roads, buildings, kids ,and dogs,... If you do it every time you go out you'll train your mind to see beauty everywhere around you and that beauty is the thing that will bring you happiness. Try writing down things you're grateful for and things you enjoyed during your day to force your brain to think in a positive way.

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Thanks for reading!

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