- alexandria 'lex' collins
- june 3rd, 1995
- queens, ny
- college student
- engineering and math major
- avenger
- alias: aura

new york, queens, and subway image tony stark, iron man, and Avengers image

- brown skin/hair
- blue eyes, due to space stone
- runs/owns a record shop, originally owned by her father, but since he retired to maine she has taken up the job

hairstyle and short hair image book, vintage, and aesthetic image music, places, and records image eye, eyebrows, and beauty image

source: space stone
- inter-dimensional teleportation
- superhuman strength, agility, reflexes, healing
- flight
- advanced hand to hand combat
-self sustenance

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acquired while lex was closing up shop. there was a rigged explosion, it burned down the cafe next door but lex survived. the tesseract was in the area and infected the explosion, infecting lex.

- entj-t
- she's very childish
- has many insecurities
- but still manages to be confident in most situations
- doesn't like expressing her emotions
- able to stay light-hearted in heavy situations
- but can still take charge and be a leader

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let's be honest. she's a college student and a superhero, she's not going to have time to pick an outfit for the day. she keeps it practical, comfy, and easy to change out of (in case of an emergency).


- marina "mars" hampton
- lex's roommate
- afro latina
- august 9th, 1995
- medical student at same college

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- cyrus bronson
- lex's classmate
- british exchange student
- may 22, 1998
- comes from rich family
- funds projects, experiments, etc.

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- tony stark/iron man
- father figure to lex
- gifted lex an updated suit
- when he recruited her in civil war, just like peter
- lex helps engineer stark suits and tech

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- peter parker/spider-man
- little brother figure to lex. a mentee, if you will
- met at the "stark internship" aka in civil war
- lex is extremely overprotective of peter

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- lex was almost dusted by thanos, before teleporting to a different dimension where the snap didn't happen
- then later, what felt like 3 seconds, teleported back to earth 616 and survived. the '3 seconds' was actually 3 years out of the 5 year gap in endgame
- in the stark suit she owns, the a.i. is named "candy". she begs peter to name his new a.i. "ronnie" if he gets one.
- adopted a dog with mars within the 2 years she had before endgame
- they named her bennie

- movies
- captain america: civil war
- spider-man: homecoming
- avengers: infinity war
- avengers: endgame
- spider-man: far from home