Hello everyone ! How are you ? I know some of you already start the new school year, I hope your first week was great. I personally go back to school next week.

Today, to feel more motivated, I settled a few goals for the year, so I wanted to share them with you !

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So, I devided this in three categories, and I have three goals per category. It's goals that I know I can achieve with a bit of work, I didn't wanted to have like dozens of goals and feel overwhelmed.


1) Keep my marks around 15/20

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In France, you're evaluated on 20 points, and I want to keep my marks mostly upper than 15/20

2) Have my diploma with a good mention

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I pass my baccalaureate at the end of the year

3) Stay organised

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I'm a pretty organised person, but sometime, I just want to procrastinate a bit, then the to do list start to be really big and I end up actually doing nothing for a week. It can't happened this year.


1) Lost about 20 pounds

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Last year, I gain almost all the weight I've losted because of health problem, so this year I want to loose it.

2) Go for a run once a week

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I'm kind of a sportive person, I like to run but I'm never motivated to go, so this year I will push myself.

3) Do a split

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I could do it before, but I had a muscle tear so I have to restart everything now 😭


1) Read at least 1/2 books a month

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I love to read, last year I didn't had the time I would wanted to have. But last months, I started to read a lot again and it missed me so much

2) Watch 1/2 movies a month

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I have so much classic to watch, and I never watch movies, I know I have to

3) See my friends more

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Last year, I was a bit depressed, so I didn't see my friends enough. But it's my last year of high school, so I want to enjoy it !

That's it for today's article, hope you liked it ! Take good care of yourself, all the love.