Hi everyone, I'm here today to write about a band that lots of people know. This band is called Imagine Dragons !

Who are Imagine Dragons ?

Imagine Dragons are an american rock band from Las Vegas, Nevada. They started to make music in 2008. This band consists of Dan Reynolds, Ben McKee, Wayne Sermon and Daniel Platzman .

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From left to right, we have Wayne Sermon (guitar), Daniel Platzman (drums), Dan Reynolds (voice) and Ben McKee (bass).

What do they do ?

Imagine Dragons have 4 albums to their credit. The last one's called Origins.
Imagine Dragons has been worldwide known because of the song "It's Time" from the album Night Visions.

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Fun Fact

The band’s name is actually an anagram! The only people who know the real meaning of it are the 4 members.

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Dan said in an interview once: "At this point, it’s been built up so much that anything we say is going to be a letdown. We might just leave it up to everyone’s imaginations. They probably have better guesses than the real answer.".


Imagine Dragons's basics are Believer, Radioactive, Bad Liar, Demons,...

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My favourite songs

Here's my little selection…

  • Natural
  • Next To Me
  • Love
  • Birds (this video is just so touching )
  • Rise Up

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