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What grade are you going into?
~I am going into junior year of high school.

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What are you excited/nervous about for this year?
~So this year I am getting a lot of new subjects and also I will have some classes in dental offices since I go to medical high school and I can't wait for that.

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What is your favorite part of getting ready for back to school?
~School supplies

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Where do you get your insipration from?
~music, tv shows mostly

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What is your favourite subject?
~Dental diseases I think. I don't really have it.

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What are your least favorite subjects?
~ PE. I mean I love sports but not really playin them.

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What do you wear to school?
~All casual stuff. Jeans, hoodies etc.

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Have you ever ditched or skipped class?
~Noo, I am a nerd...

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What are three non-beauty essentials to carry in your bag?
~Headphones, umbrellla and water bottle

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What kind of backpack do you use for school?
~Grey Fjallraven Kanken

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That's it thank you for reading.