Hi! In this article I am going to share with you a list of songs that I've been listening to a lot this month. I hope you will enjoy and maybe you will find some new music to listen to!
So, let's start!
  • Looking at Me by Sabrina Carpenter
sabrina carpenter image album, beautiful, and music image
  • Done For Me by Charlie Puth & Kehlani
cry, crying, and deep image charlie puth and kehlani image
  • Joan of Arc by Little Mix
aesthetic, album, and alternative image amazing, joan of arc, and Lyrics image
  • Boyfriend by Ariana Grande & Social House
Image removed boyfriend, funny, and mikey image
  • How Do You Sleep? by Sam Smith
lies, quotes, and Lyrics image lie, mood, and sad image
  • Only Human by Jonas Brothers
jonas and only human image band, JB, and Joe Jonas image
  • Take Off All Your Cool by Sabrina Carpenter
album, music, and sabrina image celebrities and sabrina carpenter image
So that's it for this short playlist article! Thanks a lot for reading!
Have a nice day!
Magda ♡

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