Name:Margot Blanchard


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confident,femminist and strong as hell


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Margot comes from a rich family,she was born in Paris,France,but she moved to Evergreen,America,when she was five because of her father job.She has become friend with Clay Jensen and Tony Padilla immediately after the transfer,since Margot father started working with Clay'mother.
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André Blanchard:father,he is a lawyers and he took care of the case "Hanna Baker"
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Genevieve Blanchard:mother who works as a doctor
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Colette and Gabriel Blanchard:older sister and nephew,Colette become pregnant of her,now ex,boyfriend Christian Garcia when se was sixteen.After the news her boyfriend broke up with her but she decided to keep the baby who is now six years old.And thats why Margot decide to help Chloe with the abortion.


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Clay Jensen and Tony Padilla:brothers
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Jessica Davis:sister
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best face


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she was bestfriend with Jess,Hanna and Alex when Hanna told her that she had a little crush for Jeff Atkins.After Jess and Alex become a couple,Margot had started behave strangely.Hanna found herself alone and lefted out because Margot and Jessica become attached at the hip.After some times she also founded out that Margot and Jeff were dating in secret because the girl was looking for a way to tell her the thrut..Margot name come out again in Sheri tape,when she caused the accident tha killed her boyfriend.


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after Jeff death,Margot was destroied and she had found a way to escape from the pain in the alcohol.She went at one of Bryce party,she was very drunk and Monty tried to kiss her,she woke up the next morning naked at Bryce house in bed with Monty,and her body was covered with bruises.Months later she found a picture of her while Monty was raping her.When she had founded out that Monty story was real she stopped eating and she was afraid to go to shcool.During the summer she went to a medical office for bulimics and anorexics with Zach help.Then she came back at school with Jess and Alex,she founded the polaroid, and she testfied against Bryce and Monty.


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she was the cheerleaders capitan but she left after Jeff death and later she become the vice president of students to help Jess with the players.


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shopping,vilion and classic dance


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Jeff Atkins:first love and boyfriend,decessed.
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Scott Reed:he had the biggest crush on her even when she was with Jeff and after his deat,Scott looked after Margot in secret.After Jeff,Margot close herself from love and she didn't like Scott playing the role of her knight in shining armor especially after Tony gave her the tapes when she was her turn and when his friend raped her.After Scott founded out about her and Monty he was on her side during the process and he beaten Monty up.But in the end,she was happy the Scott was helping them with the whole Bryce and Monty thing and she accepted to go out with him.After a month of dates they become an offcial couple.