hair, girl, and blonde image Image removed fashion, outfit, and style image netflix image aesthetic, fondo, and vintage image ocean image
Long blonde hair , dark green eyes , pink clothes , adicted to netflix , music and beach lover

Maria João

Temporarily removed aesthetic, beautiful, and beauty image clothes, aesthetic, and fashion image twenty one pilots, tyler joseph, and josh dun image Temporarily removed dog, puppy, and animal image
Short brown curly hair , brown eyes , dresses with a t-shirt on , love 21 pilots , zodiac signs and dogs


Image removed makeup, eyes, and beauty image outfit, fashion, and aesthetic image art, drawing, and beautiful image Temporarily removed cat, animal, and black image
Now she has short brown and pink hair , brown eyes , love drawing , dancing and cats
hair, curly, and curly hair image aesthetic, alternative, and cry image fashion, black, and outfit image Image by iarahammoud book, autumn, and harry potter image animal, Chicken, and aesthetic image
Curly brown and red hair , green/blue eyes , love listening music , harry potter and chickens


hair and hairstyle image aesthetic, eyes, and eye image fashion, outfit, and style image cat, animal, and kitty image black and white, fashion, and m'en image Temporarily removed
Brown short hair , brown eyes , cat lover , want to be a stylist , likes La Casa de Papel