why does summer have to end.


I wanted to let you know that it is 1:28 am on a Thursday morning, that I'm writing this. I can't sleep and got this idea for an article and thought I'd do it since I got nothing better to do right now.

Summer's coming to an end and I'm not ready for it to be over. There's so much on my bucket list that I haven't even done yet, but I guess it's just gonna have to wait till next year :(

Anyways, I thought I would do a re-cap of everything I did off my bucket list this summer!

1) Have a sleepover

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Having a sleepover was a really basic thing for me to put but I put it down because I do a long-distance friendship. My best friend lives about 2 hours away so we can't always just meet up and have a sleepover. One moment that sticks out the most from our last sleepover was when we had a dance party in her basement. It was like midnight and we had our music blasting, dancing around with fairy lights everywhere and even a disco ball.

2) Go to the movies

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At the beginning of the summer, my parents took my little brother and I to see Spider-Man: Far From Home. And OMG, I loved it. And, DAMN Tom Holland is attractive!

3) Chalk art

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People could say this is a very 'VSCO' thing to do. Well, yeah. I know but as a child, I never got play with sidewalk chalk so I took advantage of the opportunity this summer. I covered the entire top of the driveway with art and my parents never questioned me on it, which is always a good thing.

4) Try a tan tattoo

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If you don't know what a tan tattoo is, it's basically what its name is. It's a tattoo you get from blocking the sun from a certain area so it creates a shape or design. I had no idea, how to do it, so I used sunscreen to make a heart but instead, the sun evaporated the sunscreen so I got no tan tattoo but I tried it!

5) Make cookie dough

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I had never tried like 'edible' cookie dough before, so I really wanted to try and make it myself. Well, my best friend and I made it, I maybe ate like 4 small spoons of it. It wasn't that good tbh. We also didn't have half the ingredients.

6) Skateboard

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I bought a penny board back around Easter time and never got to really learn and use it but this summer, I managed to learn and I'm pretty good at it now.

7) Go to a waterpark

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I went to a waterpark called Wild Waterworks this summer with a couple of friends and it was amazing! It was the first day all summer, where I spent the entire day outside, which didn't end up well in the end because I got a horrible, horrible sunburn. My friends and I spent most our time in the wave pool or lazy river, we went on a couple of waterslides but the walk up wasn't worth the short ride down.

8) Watch the sunset

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My best friend works at an ice cream shop right on the pier, so I got to spend the night a couple of times watching the sunset. I was so relaxing just listening to music and watch the sunset. A side story: A famous tiktoker showed up at her work, he has about 2M followers and I follow him but I got too scared to actually go and say 'hi' to him.

9) Try Baskin Robbins

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I had never tried Baskin Robbin's ice cream before so my mom took the family one night after dinner for it. I got a tropical sherbert in a waffle cone (odd mix ik) but it was actually really good! They also had the Strange Things employee of the month sign which was cool!

10) Hiking

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I'm not one for going hiking but thought I would throw it on my bucket list and I managed to do it, without even realizing. The other day, I was catching up with a friend and we found a forest trail and hiked it. We found a cute spot and sat and just talked about our life, it was a really fun time.

11) Get ears pierced

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I got my second piercing on my lobe which surprises me because I have a fear of needles, I got it done anyways, it still hurts though :(

12) Body paint

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I got to use my artsy skills and paint some cute things on my friend's leg. I managed to make a cute wave on her ankle. Also, I know this is an odd thing to add but I had always wanted to try it so I did.

13) Make a new friend

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Hehe, I made a new friend! This might be a little long but thought I'd share the story. I was randomly going through my followers, followers. If that makes sense. I messaged a few people because I was bored and then the sweetest person ever messaged me back and now we're friends.

14) Get acrylics

Image by MOLLY Image removed
Just the basic girly things. The first photo is the actual colours I got. NOT MY PHOTO but it's the inspo I used.

15) Leave a note in a library book

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Another silly little cute thing I did. I finished reading a book about these 2 teenagers who really liked each other but we're never meant for each other. It was so cute and made my heart melt. I left a note saying to love yourself and think about what your heart wants sometimes.

16) Finish a book

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I tend to never finish books, that's why I added this. Thought I'd share the books I read. I read a total of 2 books and I'm reading another one now. The one I was talking about above is called 'When We Collided' (I don't remember the author for either, sorry!) and the other was called 'Choker'. That book took a surprising turn which I wasn't ready for.

17) Meet Jeremy Hutchins

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If you don't know who Jeremy Hutchins is. Well, he's a social media influencer/tiktoker. I also got to meet Josh Richards, Markie, MostlyLuca, Dalton Kirkley, etc. It was so unreal. I made a drawing for Jeremy (self-portrait of him) and I made it onto his Snapchat story. Dalton also gave the best hug.

18) Get my G1

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So, I haven't actually got my license at the moment, I'm writing this but! I am going either today or tomorrow to go write the test and tbh I'm nervous.

Sooooo, yeah, that's my summer. I didn't go on any trips this year, mainly because I'm going on a bunch next year but I still think my summer was somewhat fun.

I just wanted to say, that I really like writing on here because it's a platform where I can take my love for writing and all my stories and share. Also, no family and friends no about my account so I don't gotta worry about what I say. Hehe.

Until next time <3