1. Make your bed. Do this every day. 2. Pick up your dirty clothes. Wash them or put them in a hamper. Do this every day. 3. Pick up any trash and start throwing away things you don’t want. 4. Dust your furniture, wipe down your stuff, and clean any mirrors and windows. Do this weekly. 5. Clean out your closet and drawers. Organize things by type, color, or season. 6. Buy bins and plastic drawers to help yourself stay organized. Label them clearly and try to keep what belongs in there. 7. Vacuum everything. Also do this weekly. Along with that, sweep, dust, and mop. 8. Wash all your bedding. Pick two days a month to do this. This includes blankets, pillows, sheets, and pillowcases. 9. Clean out your bags and throw away things that you don’t need. Also, put away things you don’t need. 10. Make a calendar of things that you need to do throughout the day, week, and month. Only plan as far ahead as you know, and don’t overbook yourself. Plan days out and fun activities. 11. Make yourself an area where you can sit and do things. Whether this be a desk, a table, or even just your favorite chair. Make yourself a space where you can focus on your tasks. 12. Organize your medications. Whether it’s your prescriptions or it’s just some vitamins and ibuprofen. Put them in places where you can easily access them. 13. Delete apps and cancel subscriptions that you don’t use anymore. That way, you can save money and storage space without having to give up other things. 14. Clean out your pantry or wherever you store food. Throw away foods that you don’t eat and try to finish food that’s close to being gone. 15. Change your sheets out. If you have money, buy new sheets and blankets. That way, you can have a back up when you need to wash your bedding. And maybe if you want to redecorate, you’ll have something to change the look of your room. 16. Clean your walls. Wipe down all the dust on the baseboards and try to get off any spots.
17. Wash your dishes. Make sure that every dish is washed before you get any new ones. Once your done, stay on top of the dishes. Put them away in the morning, put them in the dishwasher as they get dirty, and start the dishwasher at night. Allow dishes to build up before washing them. 18. Do you have a junk drawer? Get rid of anything that you do not, will not, or cannot use. 19. Take accountability of your cleaning supplies. Make sure you have an all-purpose cleaner, wipes, toilet bowl cleaner and brush, shower spray, window cleaner, and sponges. Take note of anything you need, or any extras you need. 20. Go through your makeup, jewelry, accessories, and etc. If you don’t use or wear something, throw it away, give it away, or donate it. Someone else will use it, if it’s able to be used again. 21. Wash your shoes. Especially if you have sneakers or running shoes. 22. Make sure your electronics and chargers have one home where they stay. You can move all of this around the house, but put them back. It’s preferable that they are not stored around your bed, as they can keep you up at night. 23. Redo your decor. There’s probably something that you want somewhere else or something that you want to remove. 24. This day is all about you. Take time to organize your thoughts and relax. 25. Start a bullet journal or buy a planner. Make note of everything in that planner. 26. Clean out your emails, Google Drive, computer storage, and etc. 27. Start a workout routine. Tailor and adapt it to your interest, energy level, and desired outcome. 28. Throw away or donate old books. Keep the ones you want in a place where you can find them later on. 29. Buy the following items that you think you’ll want or need: whiteboard calendar, corkboard, tacks, sticky notes, alarm clock, piggy bank or coin jar. 30. Celebrate and remember to use these all in your daily life. Reflect on what helped the most and continue to make these a habit.

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