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So today French class wasn't so bad, I think the teacher got the hint that he was being rude as hell but y'know I am still skeptical about him. Anyways I give my old teacher lifts to the subway station and he is so funny and nice, I really do miss him.

I did some studying today but I have like the ugliest cold ever. I feel like a truck ran over me 4589 times, my nose and forehead hurt (but that is probs the sinusitis), I am sloooww as a turtle, and I am sleepy 24/7. This is not cool man, toilette paper is destroying my nostrils! Please have some respect!

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Day 18: Write about a time you felt proud of yourself.

So when I saw this prompt I was a little scared...I was like: how am I going to tell this story without people thinking I am being egocentric or narcissist? Like, is that even possible? But I came to a conclusion that this is my safe space, where I can talk about whatever I want and I am not showing off anything, it is just another story y'all.

All my friends know this story so if you are my friend yes, don't worry, you don't have to go through.

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A big part of my life is the Model UN. I am obsessed with everything to has to do with it, being inside committee, the research part is the best, and also teaching others about it. The thing is that my school's coolest activity is a Model of United Nations that takes place in New York City every year where students from all around the world go there and debate a topic for three days, making speeches, building team blocks and finding realists solutions to the issues at hand.

The first time I went there I was in my sophomore year of high school and I was 15 years old. I did a test and an interview to complete my application to enter the delegation and I got in! They are, or well, used to be, very strict with who was in and who didn't make the cut.

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Anyway, as the time went by and the training days were less and less, I was assigned a committee and a country, but not a partner. Normally you go to these committees in this model as an agency (that means two people representing the same country and helping each other out.) I was scared at first to go alone and to work all by myself in such a large committee but, I was in love with its scope. It was UNEP, United Nations Environmental Program. I remember my faculty saying, "that committee is like...it was just meant to be for you."

Seven months later and we were leaving for NYC and to my first time in such a BIG conference. There were around 2.000 teens in there. Anyway, I was assigned to my room with my friends who were my roomies in this case and started jumping on my feet because of the excitement for committee day.

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So whatever, committee day arrived. First day excitement and whatnot! I go inside the salon UNEP was in and I take this killer seat, I have this amazing opening speech because... GOAL: Make the first motion of the day. And that is exactly what happened. I was chosen to make the first motion of the whole three days! But WE didn't go to the Rules Course, because our faculty had taught them to us, well...that year NHSMUN decided to change them, without us knowing. So now you can imagine your girl here fucking it up big time the first day, being totally shut down by my Dais (moderators), and committee giggling behind me.

I wanted to die right there, the worst part is that I was soooo confused I kept asking questions to the point I wasn't even recognize to talk! When I got out of there some nice girls offered me to be in their block and I told them "yes" because I had nothing to lose. I ran to my delegation's meet-up spot and cried like a freaking baby. I was bawling my eyes out thinking that I was a complete failure...and at the moment I kind of was.

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That night when I got to my room I went to sleep but I just couldn't, so I got down to write an amazing speech. I am so proud of that speech that I can remember it till this day. The next GOAL: Be the first speaker in committee tomorrow. And that is exactly what happened, I got up and delivered one of the best speeches of my life. When I finished and sat down in my killer seat and started to receive so many notes from other delegates praising my words and wanting to work with me.

Whatever, second day was extremely filled with work. I was climbing up the ladder of leadership in committee and I was, said by the delegates, "the nice leader." So I guess that is freaking cool. I stood up in the Q&A (the moment you present your block's solutions) with some of the leaders and we did fantastic on that task. After that both of our resolutions passed and here is where shit gets good.

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After committee was over and we were picking everything up to go to our hotel rooms. My Dais calls me alongside with Louis (a friend of mine I made during NHSMUN) and tells us to stay behind. Other two guys were told to stay behind too and we had to wait for all delegates to leave committee.

When the four of us were alone with the Dais, they showed us a notepad with a lot of country names written down with a bunch of vertical lines as a score. I couldn't help but see that the four of us were first and with the larges amounts of points. Kath, my Dais, proceeded to explain that we were the most notorious and active members of committees. I was really happy to hear that because I was the youngest member of my committee, I was working along side juniors and seniors and they saw me as a leader...probably because I normally look older than my age but oh well.

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The important thing of being called after committee is over is that it means that they give you the chance to talk in the REAL podium of the REAL United Nations Headquarters in NYC. Like where world leaders get to talk about the international issues that our global community faces.

So that morning I got up late, did my makeup on a cab, grabbed the wrong bra for my shirt and arrived to the UN just on time. When we got in my faculty was helping me with some corrections for my speech and then I got up in line with Louis to speak.

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I walked up to the podium and set my notepad on top of it. The moderator told me I had 45 secs speaking time. I nodded at her and then I looked forward to see that auditorium full. With hundreds of students watching me and looking at the big screens behind me that showed my freaking face. I felt infinite in that moment, with the sea of faceless people filling up a whole room and me having the opportunity to be that on little girl who got the chance to make it happen.

I guess this was not only the moment I felt proud of myself but the time I learned the most valuable lessons:

  • Don't dream it, be it. (my favorite quote).
  • Hard work pays off.
  • Determination is the key to success.
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I look back now and say that anything is possible if you work hard, so hard till the point of deserving it. When you fall down in this path we call life, you have to get up even though it will be tough, wipe off your tears and clean those knees and keep walking because that is how we are going to go to places. Don't stop believing in yourself, hope is the last thing we lose and determination has to be the last thing we give up.

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Well I guess that's it!
Hope you liked my article and have a nice day!
Stay green xx

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