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fair to light skin, dark brown to light brown, brown eyes with glasses, has acne, 5'5


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Hyperactive, awkward, always trying to make others laugh, stubborn, a bit of an attitude, sarcastic


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very casual and comfy, always has shorts underneath her skirts for comfort, likes floral and soft jackets

Blood Status

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Both parents are muggles but my twin and I are muggle-borns


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I mean I'd probably go to Ilvermorny so Pukwudgie, but like at Hogwarts I'd be in Hufflepuff


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Beech Marten


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a cream cat named Clover

Favorite subjects

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I've always loved science and these classes seem like the type of classes I'd love


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Sat in the same train car as Hermoine, Neville, Dean, and Seamus first year going to Hogwarts. Met and befriended Luna after catching her sleepwalk a couple of times


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A sweet mix of floral, peaches and cream, with a hint of mint

Yule Ball

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Has always wanted to go but was really nervous since all of her friends had gotten asked and have dates and she hadn't. Last-minute was asked by Dean, her friend, who explained how he was actually really nervous as well. All in all, both had a really good time together.

I've been seeing this trend go around and my harry potter fan self had to. I look like a weirdo but oh well