tunes i liked in august :)

You Really Got A Hold On Me (The Beatles)

Temporarily removed the beatles, beatles, and abbey road image

Rhiannon (Fleetwood Mac)

dark, cat, and Darkness image fleetwood mac image

Hey Jude (The Beatles)

Temporarily removed Image removed

Are You Bored Yet? (Wallows & Clairo)

bored, depression, and iphone wallpaper image wallows, clairo, and dylan minnette image

Truth Hurts (Lizzo)

bitch, empowerment, and girl power image lizzo and vmas image

Sleep Talking (Charlotte Lawrence)

Lyrics, quotes, and song image beauty, new, and goals image

Champagne (Lia Marie Johnson)

Image removed Image removed

Born To Die (Lana Del Rey)

sad, lana del rey, and cry image Image removed

Stand By Me (Ben E. King)

Temporarily removed r&b and ben e king image

Crush Culture (Conan Gray)

indie, lyric, and music image crush and conan gray image

Without Me (Halsey)

Lyrics, music, and quotes image halsey image

Diet Mountain Dew (Lana Del Rey)

quotes, red, and love image concert, music, and grant image

here are songs that i couldn't find art/lyrics to:

When Doves Cry (Prince)

"how can you just leave me standing, alone in a world that's so cold"

Deeper (Saint Cava)

"even if i tried something always pulls me back to you"

Leader Of The Pack (Shangri-Las)

"they told me he was bad, but i knew he was sad"

Party Favor (Billies Eilish)

"it's not you it's me and all that other bullshit"

all the kids are depressed (Jeremy Zucker)

"i think too much, we drink too much, falling apart like it's just nothing"

hope you like these