Hey Everyone
Instagram is one of my favorite apps and I believe pictures can tell a lot about someone so when I saw this article around I had to do it.
Hope you like it!

° S T Y L E °

green and outfit image boy, grunge, and style image picnic, red, and food image style, fashion, and outfit image

° S H O E S °

black, fashion, and jeans image Inspiring Image on We Heart It

° M A K E U P °

eye, eye makeup, and makeup image actress, aesthetic, and beautiful image

° C O L O R S °

white, aesthetic, and bed image ocean, sea, and beach image

° F O O D °

Image by Mouna DramaQueen chocolate, churros, and dessert image Image by sofia_giaccio31 food, hamburger, and nourriture image ice cream image food, breakfast, and coffee image

° A N I M A L S °

dog, puppy, and animal image horses and wild image animal, dolphin, and sea image animal, elephant, and girl image

° D R I N K S °

beach, water, and summer image coffee, drink, and food image 90's, aesthetic, and cola image tea, flowers, and vintage image

° M O V I E S °

funny, white chicks, and movie image funny, manip, and justin bieber image lion king, simba, and timon image mean girls, Halloween, and lindsay lohan image

° TV S H O W S °

friends image grey's anatomy, alex, and cristina yang image elite, series, and netflix image skam and evak image

° M U S I C °

concert, hot guy, and perfect image the weeknd image backstage, jakarta, and tour image music, bruno mars, and musica image

° P A S S I O N S °

book image beautiful, cloud, and fly image aesthetic and music image pizza, stranger things, and food image music, rain, and iphone image journal and writing image f(x), krystal, and krystal jung image beach, brother, and california image

° P E R S O N A L I T Y °

friends, quotes, and chandler image food, friends, and Joey image f.r.i.e.n.d.s, friends, and rachel green image friends, phoebe, and funny image
Yeah, I'm crazy and bad at sports.

° Q U O T E S °

quotes, green, and motivation image art, atticus, and madness image Image by ℬells quotes, words, and love image

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