hi babes, how are my scrollers doing this whimsy wednesday ?

i just got back from my first day of college as a senior in highschool and besides not finding my class and all the stares, me and my friend didn't mind it

good news: most of my pre-recs are done

so today i'm answering these very cute questions made by a fellow hearter named:
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okay now without further ado, let's jump right into it ~
que the music, preferably loving is easy by rex orange county

тwenтy ғιve cυтe qυeѕтιonѕ anѕwered ♡

animation, anime, and art image
by giricatt
001 ♡ wнo waѕ тнe laѕт perѕon yoυ нeld нandѕ wιтн
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though it would be just so great if i said my boyfriend (which i’ve never had), now that i’m thinking about it, it was with my adorable bestie the other night at a parking lot
002 ♡ wнιcн planeт ιѕ yoυr ғavorιтe
anime, sailor moon, and sailor neptune image sea, ocean, and water image
earth is lovely yet i love neptune, it’s the planet my sun sign is ruled by and fun fact: it has the strongest gravitational pull beside jupiter
003 ♡ wнaт ĸιnd oғ people are yoυ aттracтed тo
Abusive image love, quotes, and I Love You image
i’m very attracted to people who are their own person and know what they want in life, people who have passions, are very compassionate, caring and kind, also others who love conversation and love a good debate, having an open mind is another big one and people who like trying new things
004 ♡ are yoυ eaѕy тo geт along wιтн
fashion, aesthetic, and outfit image Image removed
very.. i’m really easygoing, down to earth, and like making people feel comfortable lol.. but don’t betray me or take advantage of me, cause damn getting along won’t be necessary at that point
005 ♡ нave yoυ ever lιĸed ѕoмeone вυт never тold тнeм
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of course, hasn’t everyone? i genuinely hate regrets and don’t believe in them, so would i rather regret not telling them or them crushing my heart? hm.. this is a tough one since love is such a unique feeling people mold their entire lives around.. but yeah, i don’t really get crushes since for 1: no one has really interested me yet to genuinely like them and 2: liking someone is really putting your heart out there ya know, that’s a hard thing for me to do
006 ♡ wнaт ιѕ yoυr go-тo pιcĸ υp lιne
Image by nothingshoot theme, waterfall, and nature image
haha really? my pick up line? when i’m not entirely avoiding conversation i’m a wholesome flirt, but sorry pick up lines aren’t my thing
007 ♡ wнaт anιмal woυld yoυ lιĸe тo вe
cat, animal, and cute image Temporarily removed
i love tigers because they are gorgeous but i would want to be a cat so someone can cherish me with love lol
008 ♡ wнaт do yoυ do wнen yoυ waĸe υp
shadow, aesthetic, and sun image Temporarily removed
usually, i will go through my phone and check my notifications and sometimes watch a show or maybe yt, depends on the day though.. then i’ll drink something and possibly eat.. but my summer has been so lazy so the only time i’m active is with my friends now
009 ♡ wнaт color ιѕ мoѕт oғ yoυr ѕocĸѕ
bed, details, and fashion image Image by space cowgirl
even if they have designs on them, they’re mostly white as i buy them over the black ones
010 ♡ wнaт are yoυr ғιve ғavorιтe gιrl naмeѕ
Temporarily removed flowers image
1. josephine
2. clover
3. jasmine
4. mae
5. charm
011 ♡ wнaт are yoυr ғιve ғavorιтe вoy naмeѕ
Temporarily removed nature, mountains, and landscape image
1. elijah
2. dakota
3. leon
4. apollo
5. rowan
012 ♡ wнaт waѕ yoυr ғavorιтe мιddle ѕcнool тeacнer lιĸe
Temporarily removed pink, glitter, and makeup image
he was young, really kind, was a cool guy, and after getting to know me on a trip to dc would say i was crazy unlike in his class where i was my introverted self
013 ♡ do yoυ preғer day or nιgнт
Temporarily removed love, couple, and aesthetic image
the day is beautiful since the beginning of anything is the start of something new, but i prefer the night because it is just as beautiful in its own way, i love seeing people venture in the night, and personally exploring the night life; it’s exciting
014 ♡ wнaт woυld yoυr dreaм parтner вe
aesthetic and couple image Temporarily removed
well.. they would have fluffy darker hair with brimming green eyes you could get lost in like a massive forest, he would have the cutest smile that reaches to his eyes and the best side profile to ever exist, he would be over 6 foot with broad shoulders and huge hands, he would be nerdy, yet charming, and goofy whenever he has the chance, he would make me feel safe and i would never ever feel uncomfortable around him whatever the situation may be, he’s really loyal, loves to explore, and in between an introvert and an extrovert, we bring the best out of each other and he is super supportive, he would be such a good listener and loves helping people and understanding them, he’s never boring and we can talk for hours about anything, he would be the only person to actually get me and appreciate every moment we spend together, we would be each other’s relatable post no one could get
015 ♡ wrιтe a ѕнorт ѕтory aвoυт yoυr lιғe aт age nιne and aт тнe age oғ ѕιхтy-nιne
upl image Image removed
i was walking down the street when someone with bare feet and short chestnut brown hair starts sprinting at me with full speed.. it turns out it’s the new girl who moved next door in which would be my best friend the rest of the year.. of course a memorable fourth grade that was..
my eyes are filled with the golden ocean view, the green mountains springing up to the sky, and the sprinkles of rain becoming one with the water.. my other half is sitting beside me after we just discussed the unknown, also enjoying the view of japan’s beauty.. we decided after we retired, we’d move here together..
016 ♡ wнaт’ѕ yoυr zodιac ѕιgn
Image by tenderlygirl volcano, nature, and pink image
sun pisces, moon scorpio, rising leo
017 ♡ do yoυ нave тrυѕт ιѕѕυeѕ
funny, quotes, and online image princess, snow white, and animal image
highly.. trust is really important to me so i value who i trust a lot, i have so much trust in my close friends but not in the rest of society haha.. this is why i’ve yet to have a boyfriend..
018 ♡ wнo waѕ тнe laѕт perѕon yoυ нad a мeanιngғυl converѕaтιon wιтн
money, aesthetic, and beige image aesthetics, all stars, and converse image
my friends just the other night.. every time i’m with my friends we have convos like these and what else could we possibly do on our two hour back car ride from one state to another
019 ♡ do yoυ вelιeve ιn мagιc
cat, Halloween, and pumpkin image galaxy, stars, and universe image
i guess this depends on what magic but if it has to do with the earth then yes! for me, there’s a rarity to when it comes to not believing, many things are possible :)
020 ♡ wнaт are yoυr тнree ғavorιтe ѕongѕ aт тнe мoмenт
aesthetic, alternative, and anime image silver, aesthetic, and waves image
starlight by kuwada, flash by x1, best friend by rex orange county - i know two of them are older but that hasn’t stopped me from blasting them at full volume
021 ♡ aт тнe age oғ ѕeven, wнaт dιd yoυ wanт тo grow υp тo вe
Mature image dress, fashion, and aesthetic image
fashion designer
022 ♡ wнo ιѕ on yoυr мιnd rιgнт now and wнy
Temporarily removed asian, asian boy, and boys image
lmao two people.. one is trisha paytas because i just saw a recommendation for her recent video exposing the vlog squad pt. 2 and also yo han from x1 since my mans song is repeating in my ear rn
023 ♡ нave yoυ ever wιѕнed тo вe ѕoмeone elѕe
bts, jungkook, and jeon jungkook image anime, cat, and studio ghibli image
no, and my leo rising energy can back this up haha..
024 ♡ ιғ yoυ coυld go вacĸ ιn тιмe and cнange one тнιng, wнaт woυld ιт вe
filmes, movies, and 13 going on 30 image Temporarily removed
i mean i don’t like regretting anything because everything has a lesson like the time i almost died after eating curry after water fasting or getting ran over by a car.. but if i had to chose, it would definitely be spending a lot of money at my neighbors garage sale when i was a child
025 ♡ pιcĸ υp тнe ғιrѕт вooĸ yoυ ѕee and open ιт тo page 41, wнaт ιѕ тнe ғιrѕт lιne on тнaт page
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“once the car had stopped, she took a deep breath and put in a call to scythe curie, letting her know that she will not be home tonight” - thunder head by neal shusterman

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