Chapter I: The magic of meeting

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"Summer is glorious in many ways, it makes you feel that the days are longer, that the air is cooler, it gives you a little more freedom, it makes you more beautiful. But that summer was glorious for me, for another reason , maybe because I didn't know that I was going to find someone who lived things with the same intensity as me, and because maybe everything I had ever read in a book was happening to me, just me. He was standing in front of me He had books in his hands, he was quite tall, his skin was like the color of almonds, he had dark hair, dreadlocks with small gold rings, a smile on his side, and suddenly he looked at me...
Maybe a few seconds passed, but the time that lasted the moment we both looked at each other seemed like hours. Sunlight entered through the glass, I could see the dust particles floating between us. We just looked at each other, then he left the books and continued working. And me? It was the first time I thought "Okay, this trip may have brought me here for some reason..."

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"..."The next day I attended a literature talk by a famous local writer from Italy. The person who received the guests was him, he asked me my name I don't know why, the previous guests had not asked anything. I told him my name and he answered with his "Isaac" even looked like a proper name from a book.
Anyway, I spent one hour and a few minutes enjoying the talk, although every 5 seconds I turned my eyes to see him who was next to the store. When I went out and walked towards my house I heard footsteps behind me, when I turned he was with a book in his hand, he looked me in the eye and said "I noticed how much you are interested in local literature, something tells me that you will enjoy this book, but you will have to return it to me in a few days "
I just stood there watching as he expected an answer so I thanked him and went on my way..."