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1. How often do you watch movies?

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When I have time, recently 2/3 times a week.

2. Favorite genre?

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3. Favorite movie?

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Suicide Squad

4. Last movie you watched and liked?

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Once Upon The Time In Hollywood

5. Last movie you saw and disliked?

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Travis Scott: Look Mom I Can Fly. Idk, it made me so stressed.

6. Favorite guilty pleasure movie?

call me by your name, oliver, and timothee chalamet image love, call me by your name, and oliver image call me by your name and gif image actor, beauty, and body image
Call Me By Your Name

7. Movie you've watched several times?

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Dark Shadows

8. Movie that makes you cry?

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Dear John

9. Movie from my childhood?

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Love, Rosie

10. Movie that changes my perspective of life?

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20th Century Women

11. A horror movie?
I don't watch horror movies. Sorry.

12. A musical?

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Mamma Mia 2

13. A comedy movie?

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Murder Mystery

14 .A thriller movie?

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Bird Box

15. Favorite animated movie?

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18. Favorite romantic movie?

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In Time

19. Movie from the year you were born?

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The Incredibles (2004)

Hope you enjoyed and found some good movies for you!

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XOXO, Doroera