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Since Riverdale is one of my favorite TV Shows and I love making aesthetics, today I bring you the "Riverdale Aesthetic". So, let's get started!

Archie Andrews

guitar, music, and photography image Image by Vicky Pérez aesthetic, cw, and football image boy, ginger, and aesthetic image blog image aesthetic, bandage, and hand image
You can't go through life trying not to get hurt

Veronica Lodge

chanel, clothes, and black image pearls, wallpaper, and white image aesthetic, crime, and drama image aesthetic, slytherin, and quotes image black, lipstick, and mac image shoes, fashion, and heels image
I don't follow rules, I make them. And when necessary, I break them

Betty Cooper

girl and riverdale image pink, bed, and tumblr image eye, eyes, and cry image aesthetic, alternative, and cherry image Image by Mariana Pinto bite, hand, and skin image
I'm gonna bring you down

Jughead Jones

aesthetic, dark, and light image boy, caos, and couple image bed, aesthetic, and pillow image converse image aesthetic, riverdale, and jughead jones image riverdale and jughead jones image
In case you haven’t noticed, I’m weird. I’m a weirdo. I don’t fit in. And I don’t want to fit in

OK, so I think everyone is in love with him. I mean, he is like the perfect guy who will do anything to protect you, very loyal, a little bit romantic when he wants, sarcastic and, like everybody, always hungry. You just can't help but fall in love with him.

Cheryl Blossom

cherry, red, and aesthetic image red, lips, and fire image hair image dress, red, and shoes image white image car, red, and aesthetic image
I'm in the mood for chaos

Like Betty, I think that Cheryl is one of the strongest characters in Riverdale (and one of my favorites). She suffered a lot in her life and sometimes she falls, but she always manages to get up and be a Queen. Her style is just amazing, her quotes are iconic and her hair is everything.

Kevin Keller

character, chat, and iphone image clothes, grey, and jumper image masks, pin, and theater image theme, aesthetic, and car image book, bag, and aesthetic image berry, chocolate, and cream image
Betty's ponytail is iconic and beyond reproach

Toni Topaz

doc martens, pale, and platform image camera, photography, and vintage image snake, slytherin, and aesthetic image hair, pink, and nails image girl, girl power, and aesthetic image aesthetic, motorcycle, and riverdale image
You're sensational

Josie McCoy

dressing room, lights, and theatre image glitter image makeup, yellow, and beauty image crime, drama, and highschool image cat, girly, and headband image teyana taylor image
We girls, we gotta stick together

Reggie Mantle

abs, aesthetic, and awesome image men's fashion image aesthetic, boys, and gentleman image red, car, and aesthetic image boy, cup, and hands image rain, american football, and team image
You trying to get me to flex?

Alright that was it for today! Hope you guys liked it as much as I did. Here I will put my Riverdale Collection:

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