I am finally back from my vacation to Hawaii and realized that we only have a month left of summer! Since fall approaching fast here are some items on my fall bucket list.

1. Go apple picking
2. Attend a fall festival near me
3. Bundle up and look at the stars with my boyfriend
4. Ride my bike on a scenic trail
5. Do a nature scavenger hunt on a hike

autumn, fall, and pumpkin image

6. Go camping or make a campfire to make smores
7. Jump in a pile of leaves
8. Go see a movie at my local drive-in movie theare
9. Drink hot choclote
10. Learn 2 fall recipes that have pumpkin in it

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11. Stock up on fall candles
12. Visit a pumpkin patch
13. Read a new book
14. Buy a new cozy sweater
15. Watch Hocus Pocus

autumn, Halloween, and fall image

16. Go on a picnic
17. Attend a craft show
18. Eat lots of candy corn!
19. Visit the farmers market
20. Bake a pumkin pie

autumn, candy, and fall image

21. Make a fall playlist
22. Buy some new boots for fall
23. Harry Potter movie marathon
24. Carve pumpkins and roast the seeds
25. Get lost in a corn maze

harry potter, hermione granger, and ron weasley image

26. Decorate my house with Halloween stuff
27. Make the trader joe’s pumpkin bread
28. Go horseback riding
29. Dance to monster mash
30. Get a costume for my cat

Thank you for reading my article! I love summer but I also can’t wait for fall to get here that way I can cuddle up in my blankets. Check out some of my other articles below. Have a good day! ~ Chelseannerose