When will I learn?

I cannot defend those I love from those they think they love

It's a different kind of powerlessness.

The unspoken isolation.


Pain has never hurt this badly.

Why the man I love the most?
Why the bravest man I know?

I can't help but fight other people's battles.
I'm just protective.
But I never learn -
They haven't won if I'm the one fighting.


Stop defending her.
How can you defend something like that?
There are NO excuses.
I know you can fight your own battles, so, why aren't you doing so?

-there won't be a next time
-that's what you said last time.

How can you ask me to forgive her? Tell me to just 'move on'?
To pretend like nothing happened?
Do you expect me to stand by and watch my hero be beaten down?

'A man so moral
He would never hit you back'

And I didn't realise how fucked up it was until I put it bluntly.