Inspired by all of the amazing "If I were a vampire" articles.

Name : Huna Fellet
Age : 45
Physical age : 22
Turned : 1990's


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Bleu eyes, long brown hair, fangs, black nails.


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Her style didn't evolve since she was turned and she doesn't intend on changing it. She wears shibari under her clothes.


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Coleric, impatient, unpredictible, shows no remorse even after killing innocent people.

Vampire life

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She is quite happy being a vampire. Her first years were hard because she couldn't control her thirst for human blood and ended up killing a lot.


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Her maker was a normal looking man in his thirties, he turned her because he was lonely. She didn't like him at all so she left immediatly after he explained what she had became and how she could survive. He was deeply disturbed that she didn't want to stay with him so he created another vampire and never talked to her again.


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She drinks human blood but tries to only drink from blood bags because when she drinks directly from someone she can't stop and inevitably kills them.


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She taught herself blood magic when she was bored because she thought that it would be funny for a vampire to use blood in another way. She secretly hopes that it will help her control her thirst.
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