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In the following article, I'm going to present you my favorite songs at the moment. There are not only songs published in august, but also older songs from this or the last years.
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1.Paper Rings by Taylor Swift

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Her album was released on my birthday and I was so happy, to get it as one of my birthday presents. I'm obsessed with her catchy songs with powerful messages. I also love 'London Boy' and 'I forgot that you existed' and so on. I think, I am going to write an own article 'bout that. :D

2. Sucker from The Jonas Brothers

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It's such a catchy song and I really like it. They also play it a lot on the radio.

3. So am I by Ava Max

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I don't know, but I think Sweet but Psycho and So am I sound pretty similar, but I love both of these songs :)

4. If I can't have you by Shawn Mendes

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I absolutely love his music. He is so talented and has such an unique voice. This is one of my favorite song from him.

5. Call you mine by The Chainsmokers

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I really love their song 'Closer' (I always sing it on Wii SIng) and this song is also really awesome and i enjoy hearing it.

6. Tu m'appelles by Adel Tawil (feat. PEACHY)

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I would also like you to present, as in my last article, a german song. And again, it is a german AND french song. That is such a coincidence, I swear. I can't even speak french that good. I only learned it in school. I'm also going to continue to present you one german song every month in my articles about my favorite songs.

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