Hey, Danico here.
I'm just a girl who is trying to make it through life. I am currently 20 years old and I am starting my first year of college right now. Now the reason why I decided to write this article is that I would like to do this as a series type thing. I just would like to share my journey of how I made this far to college, because honestly around 6 years ago I wouldn't be surprised if I didn't. I also would like to think to talk about my teenage experiences will hopefully help someone with theirs.

For basically all of high school, I was depressed. I honestly wasn't happy with myself or those happening around me. I guess it all started when I was like around 12 or 13ish. I was never really sure of myself nor ever confident. Although I am an Aries I am far from it. The funny thing is at this point a lot was because of guys I guess. Like at the school I went too there was already "cliques". Especially the "popular" group, now this isn't one of those oh I lowkey wished to be one of them I wanted nothing to do with them. They were the type of girls to be all smiles in your face and talk to you and then once you turn your back they can basically ruin school for you. But I'll get into them another time. Another reason was the boys. Which honestly looking back at it now I laugh that I was so worried that oh a guy didn't like me or I didn't have a boyfriend. But I think that came from how at the school I went to before this one I had a "boyfriend" two out of the three years I went there. I was worried about boys in elementary/middle school more than high school. That's why I just find it hilarious. And don't even get me started on drama. Mind you this is all around the time when Instagram is just becoming big.

Well, I think that's enough for this post, ill be sure to really spill next time.

XOXO, Danico