Hello folks, today I will be brief. I have too many articles I want to write so I can't spend hours on the intro. This is just what my life could be in Hogwarts inspired by this girl:



book, coffee, and aesthetic image vintage, aesthetic, and music image book, old, and vintage image autumn, fall, and candle image art, aesthetic, and painting image book, piano, and music image


fashion, aesthetic, and autumn image Image removed books, dark academia, and aesthetic image book, girl, and aesthetic image
-light brown hair, often in a messy bun-freckles-tanned skin-dark academia style-


aesthetic, dark, and black image girl, quotes, and angel image aesthetic, black, and black & white image aesthetic, dark academia, and dark image
-loves reading,writing and studying-loves thinking, imagining and dreaming-night owl-romantic-moony-higly sensitive-anxious-creative-smart-sarcastic-introvert-

Hogwarts Life:

ravenclaw, aesthetic, and harry potter image ravenclaw, harry potter, and blue image
aesthetic, beautiful, and class image astronomy, class, and galaxy image
favourite subjects-potions and astronomy
Image by 🦋 🌸 🥰 Image by ~Erika~
best friend-Hermione Granger
draco malfoy, harry potter, and tom felton image draco malfoy, harry potter, and slytherin image
crush-Draco Malfoy
harry potter and remus lupin image Abusive image
favourite teacher-Remus Lupin
harry potter and gilderoy lockhart image book, film, and harry potter image
least favourite teacher-Gilderoy Lockhart

After Graduation:

adventure, coffee, and map image adventure, europe, and map image
-when school ends she starts traveling all over the world-
coffee, book, and writing image girl, writing, and inspiration image
-she publish a book about her adventures called: "what is like to be an English witch on a solitaire trip"
cedric diggory, character, and edit image couple, aesthetic, and boy image
-she meets a canadian wizard called Theodore Laurence, they travel a bit together, then they estabilish in Rome-
baby, cute, and twins image baby, family, and twins image
-they have a couple of twins called Irene and Martin and she publish another book called: "how I survived two babies"

Here you can find my other article and in the future there will be everything I'll write