Well hello there. I know the title of this article sounds very dramatic lol. But I wanted to talk about how Euphoria changed my life. I mean the show Euphoria not that song from BTS hehe.
I will sort of introduce myself first. I am 19 years old and I graduated high school a year ago. I am starting college in about 4 days HELP.

I heard about euphoria when I saw an Instagram post about it. It showed the guy that plays the character Nate and I thought he was hot so why not watch it (very shallow I know).

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This is Nate (Jacob Elordi)

So I started watching it and already loved it. I loved the cinematography immediately. And also the outfits and make up.

In a way it gave me SOOO much more confidence. Because of the show I started wearing make up and experimenting more with it. Which is quite a big thing for me since I'm kinda scared of change (more of what others would think of it). I bought a couple of make up products online and I actually put it on and when outside with it. Sometimes I buy things just to wear at home?

Seeing what Rue (depressed character) went through was awful. I love that the show didn't glamorize depression at all. It isn't beautiful and aesthetic. Depression isn't fun. Like Rue not going to the toilet and getting an infection. Sounds awful but it is a reality of depression. Yes sometimes the show made me hate myself. But not in a way that I that I feel worse about myself but more that I want to better myself.

euphoria, rue, and zendaya image
Rue (Zendaya)

Well this was what I wanted to say lol. I hope people like the show as much as me. If you haven't watched it I suggest you do.