Hello masterpieces, welcome back! โ™ฅ
I really hope you are having a good week! Stay positive and do your best! :)

Well, there's four months left. In wich moment this happened? I mean, take it easy, time!

If I'am honest, I have a lot of things I want to do, but in this point, I need to put my things in order and decide what is really important to acomplish in this period of time.
I want to show you how to make your onw list and how to achieve the goals you put on it.

Let's see!

I have three tips for you to make your own list:

  • Know what you WANT and what you NEED.

This are two totally diferent things. Make sure to separate the things you want and the things you need. Make a balanced list.

  • Be realistic.

Work with what you have in hand. Don't get crazy with the goals. Remember that this list is for the next 4 months, so don't write things you know you can't achieve in this time.

  • Ask yourself if you really want to achieve the goals on the list.

It's worth the effort? Will this makes me happy? I want to achieve this right now? Do I have enough time? Organice yourself. The point of this is DO the things in the list, not to waste time.

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MY LIST :)โ™ฅ



I love coffe; you have no idea how much I do. But that's the reason why I need cut it off. It's make me sick. I have a couple of weeks feeling so bad that I'm scared. I know it's because the coffe, I drink a lot of it. My stomach hurts and my head too. Of course I'm going to visit a doctor, but I know the coffe is the reason because this is not the first time that happen. So I choose to let it go. No more coffe. I know I will want to drink it after feeling better, but also I will remember why I lefted in first place. Wish me luck!

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And I really, reaaaaallly hope to do it quick. This house is not a home anymore. My mom and I decided to sell this house and buy a new one in a better place. I'm excited for that! I want to decorate my room and the house with a lot of DIY's!

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I don't want to be hide in my cave anymore. I want to go out with my friends, go to the museum, to the park, to watch movies, I don't know, just going outside! I'm planning two short travels. One to the island where I born (wich mean sun, beach, see my dad and my sister) and one to the mountains and cold! (To visit my family and some friends).

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My friend and I have a group of literature here where we live. We make events (poetry recitails, stand ups, etc), lecture groups, classes, and a lot of things. I want to make more activities, learn and teach more. Actually, I have a project to teach kids to write poetry, so I have to be prepared! My friend is going to leave the country, so I will stay here with everything. I want to make sure I will do my best!

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But nothing fancy, like fitness life and everything. Just workout three times a week to feeling better. Lately I'm being so lazy that it hurts. I need to do something or I'm going to die! Walk, run, stretch, sit ups, push ups, JustDance (So fun and active!) and things like that :)

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This images explain everything! I love itโ™ฅ Haha!


And follow them! I'm really a mess with this, but I think is really helpful and good for myself. I'm going to make it simple and functional. Maybe I do an article about it sometime!

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I'm not in the University right now. I was studying Meteorology but I left the career for troubles in my country. And I didn't like itโ€ฆ Again. I have an article were I explain that I was studying Mecanical Engeeniering, but I left because I was not happy and I decided to study languages (my faaaaaav). But where I live is complicated. The University where languages is a career is far from home, and in the actual situation I can't leave my mom alone. So I'm waiting! :) But it's ok, I'm learning french and english in particular academies for the moment.

That's what I mean with "Study". Do my best to learn all that I can in French and English. Organice myself and make a shedule for study and practice with more determination!

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If I tell youโ€ฆ

I know you understand me more that I think. I'm in love with a person to is impossible for me to say no, even when he hurts me a lot, even when he don't love me back. But I'm really tired and I have enough. I have to learn to say NO, learn that I care, that I'm important too. So this year I'm going to do my best and let him go. Finally.

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Well, this is all for todays article, lovely people! I really wish you liked! โ™ฅ
I'm going to give the best of me to achieve this eight things in my list. So make your own and do the same :) โ™ฅ

Thanks for read!
See you in the next,

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