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i wake up at 6am and have a nice breakfast
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after that i get ready and prepare my lunch box
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at 7.15am i go get the train and the subway to reach my university; i usually re-read my notes during this time
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class schedule changes a lot during the year, but lately my lectures start at 8:15am
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we can go in and out of the class however we like, but i try hard to stay in class and follow the lecture until 11:15am, when it's time for an actual break: we usually have a snack and chat in the park nearby for a few minutes
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lunch break is at 1:15pm, sometimes we eat at the canteen, sometimes in the park
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lectures lately go on until 4pm, and then i'll have a coffee with my friends and somtimes stay around the campus...
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or go straight home. if that's the case, i'm usually home at 5:00pm
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as soon as i'm home, i have a little snack and start planning my grocery list, to do list etc.
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then i start studying, and on most days, i'll have fencing practice until 9:00pm
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when i get home i shower, eat dinner and relax a bit by watching tv series
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i usually go to sleep somewhere between 11:00pm and 1:00am, depending on the day