Do you remember that hot night, then when we were younger and more naïve, doing things without thinking of the consequences, when everything hurt a little more but it was easier to forget? I painfully remember. I remember you were sitting there on your bike asking me if I wanted another Diet Coke and insisting on going for a walk. I remember that i wanted to grab you and kiss you and take you in my arms and promise a safe place, but you were so occupied kicking a branch around that you paid little attention to my breath every time you came closer.
Do you know what hurt the most? Of course you don't, 'cause you don't remember. It was the sound of your own voice and how it couldn't just say my name.
Nonetheless I ought to remind myself of that particular day, because it was the day I fell in love with you.

Author's Note: Pleeaase don't be too harsh on me I will try to write better next time. Thank you.