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Summer season is almost over, but this is a travel guide to a city worth visiting all year round

Athens is one of the most ancient cities in Europe, it is the capital of Greece, and although famous for its history, it combines contemporary elements as well, making it a lively and time-defining city.

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From food, fashion and culture to basic tips for traveling there, this article is a complete guide for your trip there


Main Points of Interest

Athens is known for the Parthenon, commonly known as the "Acropolis" and the Acropolis Museum, a modern building which has been characterized as an architectural mesterpiece.

However, take a walk at Lycabettus Hill, right in the middle of the city, and watch the sun set from the top. Later, stroll around Monastiraki, Plaka and Thiseion, some of the most iconic neighboorhoods in Athens to get a glimpse of what Athens used to look like and its beautiful architecture.

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Wanna go shopping?

Athens features two main roads for shopping. High end brands can be found in Voukourestiou street, while fast fashion and trendy shops are mostly in Ermou street, which leads directly at Monastiraki Square, where many thrift shops are located.

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Greece is known for it's food and in Athens you'll find everything from french restaurants, sushi bars, japanese street food, pizza, classy bars and family taverns to the iconic, greek souvlaki..

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Tips to tourists

  • Unfortunately, bicycles are not common in Athens, mostly because it is not a flat city and it is not easy to ride. However, the subway is fast, reliable and easy to use so it is the best way to move around the city and it's suburbs.
  • Greeks are happy, loud and welcoming people, so they will probably be very kind to you and easily approachable, so if for some reason you need help, they will probably be there. However, they have their quirks as well.
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  • They really appreciate it when someone tries to speak their language, even if they fail, it makes them feel proud and they will be very warm if you make an effort. Common phrases sush as Kalimera (Good Morning), Efharisto (Thank You), Parakalo (Please/You're welcome) and Signomi (I'm sorry/Excuse me) are easy to laern and will be well received.
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