"What you think, you become."
- Buddha

Dear Future Me,

When you’ll open this letter, 10 years will have passed. It’s 2029. More exactly we are the 28th August 2029 and you are 29 years old. You’re graduated, smarter and (hopefully) happier. At this moment, I have the feeling that it’s very far but I believe also that it’s tomorrow, or almost.

I hope you’ve followed your dreams. Yes, I hope that you live passionately. I hope that, even if you have been lost during your freshman year of college, you kept your passion. If there's one thing I know that you are, it's passionate about what surrounding you and specially about discovering the world. I've always prided myself on being excited about learning and excited about growing up and seeing what life has to offer. I hope you kept that feeling and you're still open to growing as a person. But don’t forget to not dream too much about what we’ll be your future. Girl, please enjoy the present moment and make your present projects come true. Don’t be this lazy bitch who can just dream. Hope you will continue to overtake yourself and make little crazy bets. And still looking at the world with child's eyes (aka Peter Pan life).

Like the romantic that you are, I hope that you are with a person who fulfils you, because you deserve it. And if you didn’t meet this person yet please don’t lower your standards, be patient.

I hope sincerely that giving birth will be one of your life plan because, now, I believe it’s the prettiest thing in the world. I hope that you’ll feel this huge happiness. I would like to feel this little body against me who will be my love, my reason for living.

Today, as a person, I know that I have a lot of growing up to do. I may consider myself mature, but there is so much out there. There are thousands of cultures, languages, states, cities and countries to visit and learn about. There are millions of people I've never met before. I’m sure that I’ll explore new parts of this beautiful world (please still alive and not dead because of the pollution, of stupid people who don’t care enough about our nature mother). Did I live abroad like I always dreamed of doing? If you forgot about these passions, I'm reminding you. Now get on it.

Otherwise in 10 years, I hope that you are fulfilled by your job and no matter what you do. In any case, I wish you to continue to get up with the smile every day and always with passion.

I hope that all of the experiences I am holding so heavy on my heart now haven't affected my future. I've always known that what seems so drastic right now will be small and unimportant down the road. My wish for myself in 10 years is that my unconfident about myself, the arguments with my parents, loss of friendships and lovers didn't diminish my future. I want to learn from everything, each and every moment.

Right now, I'm only 19 years old. The world is at my feet. I am hopeful that you have stayed positive, happy, you’ve loved a little stronger and been yourself a little more every day. I don't know much now, and I certainly don't know the future, but I think that's a beautiful thing.

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