Hey 💘

Let's be honest.
I'm not Waldorf. I just love Blair Waldorf too much.
My real name? Well, that's a secret I will never tell 😈

Here's a few things about me

  • I'm 19 years old
flashlight, love myself, and haiz image dont, life, and money image
My birthday it's on December 27, therefore I'm a Capricorn
  • I'm Portuguese
atmosphere, beautiful, and cityscape image drink, food, and portugal image
That's why my english is a bit rough, sorry!
  • I'm studying Communication Sciences, more specifically Journalism
chanel, fashion, and aesthetic image journalist, magazine, and journalism image
I would like to write for a fashion magazine or be a film or music journalist.
  • I have long light brown hair with some blonde highlights
brown, curly, and hair image madelaine petsch, riverdale, and smile image
I've never dyed my hair, but that's something I'm going to do for sure! I would love to be a redhead 🤗
  • My eyes are greyish blue
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  • I'm really shy and it takes a long time to me to open up with someone
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  • I want to live outside of Portugal
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I would love to move to London, LA or NYC, even if it just for a few months.
  • Concerts makes me the happiest girl on planet 🤗
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  • I love series, movies, music, fashion and photography
aquarius, Libra, and capricorn image fashion, outfit, and style image
  • I have 2 cats named Jupiter and Pluto
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Yeah, I like astrology too 😋

There's a lot more to know about me but I think, for now, that's it! Maybe I'll do a Get To Know Me Tag in the future (maybe = for sure because I've already found some cool tags that I want to do).