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- Aries -

Name : Ben Mitcher
Age : 17 Years Old
Colour : Red
Power : Pyrokinesis
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- Courageous
- Competitive
- Passionate
" After escaping from the center, Ben, at the age of 14, created a group where all the children could find refuge, which he named "The Survivors". He is the first survivor. "

- Taurus -

Name : Yara Akai
Age : 15 Years Old
Colour : Green
Power : Geniuses
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- Sensual
- Loving
- Honest
" Ben found Yara a week after her escape, without parents she became the second member of "Survivors", they have a very strong and loving relationship. "

- Gemini -

Name : Maxime Bailey
Age : 12 Years Old
Colour : Orange
Power : Mind Control
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- Curious
- Energetic
- Funny
" The little clown of the group, and the one who gives back the smile in the difficult moments. Max has both angelic and sassy sides, he does not really care about the rare power he has unlike Amber. "

- Cancer -

Name : Angie Colt
Age : 14 Years Old
Colour : Blue
Power : Telekinesis
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- Emotional
- Resourceful
- Tenacious
" The kind Angie is ready to sacrifice herself to save her friends who have saved her from the enemy. She has gifts of medicines and a gourmet passion for cookies. "

- Leo -

Name : Jaden Odell
Age : 16 Years Old
Colour : Yellow
Power : Electrokinesis
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- Generous
- Confident
- Dynamic
" Initially his rebellious side posed some problems to the group, he was always raised in violence and fear because of his power. But with the help of Kan and Noa, Jaden was able to open up to others. "

- Virgo -

Name : Maria Tennyson
Age : 17 Years Old
Colour : Red
Power : Pyrokinesis
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- Realistic
- Smart
- Sensible
" Maria is extremely lonely and does not really like the company, she had to fend for herself until the discovery of the "Survivors", she knows how to defend herself with her firepower but also with her fighting skills. "

- Libra -

Name : Dee Anderson
Age : 8 Years Old
Colour : Blue
Power : Telekinesis
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- Charming
- Fair
- Diplomatic
" Dee is adorable, but she has a strong temperament, she hates twisting from her 8 years. She and Kan were able to escape from the center with a few other children. She's the one who found Jaden in the woods. "

- Scorpio -

Name : Amber White
Age : 16 Years Old
Colour : Orange
Power : Mind Control
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- Mysterious
- Ambitious
- Protective
"Amber has the greatest power at "The Survivors" and the most dangerous. She does not really know how to control it and she is afraid to hurt people around her, so she often stays away voluntarily with her cat Tyron. "

- Sagittarius -

Name : Kan Meichi
Age : 18 Years Old
Colour : Green
Power : Geniuses
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- Passionate
- Playful
- Adventurous
" Kan is the oldest of the group, he is extremely responsible and feels compelled to protect everyone, especially Dee whom he considers as his little sister. "

- Capricorn -

Name : Jake Benson
Age : 15 Years Old
Colour : Blue
Power : Telekinesis
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- Patient
- Loyal
- Responsible
" Orphaned at the age of 7, Jake always fend for himself until the day he met "The Survivors", his second family."

- Aquarius -

Name : Alyssa Vergas
Age : 17 Years Old
Colour : Red
Power : Pyrokinesis
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- Independent
- Logical
- Creative
" Golden hair, strong temperament, Alyssa is the perfect example of girl's power. She is also very escapist."

- Pisces -

Name : Noa Eisseli
Age : 18 Years Old
Colour : Yellow
Power : Electrokinesis
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- Imaginative
- Intiutive
- Compassionate
" Noa joined "The Survivor" at the age of 15, who was just composed of Kan, Dee, Ben and Yara, she is the mother figure of the group."