Hey everyone!

School just started for me and honestly, I'm excited! This summer I have traveled, I've spent time with friends, I've spent time with myself and done things I enjoy like reading books and watching that movie I always wanted to watch and also I got a haircut and I got bangs now so I'm feeling extra ready for this school year!
So I thought, what better way to start the school year than writing an article about school? I am a perfectionist and a complete study-aholic so during the school year I'm always stressed - worrying about that essay or that test, always spiraling into the anxiety pit and ending up procrastinating and feeling bad about myself.

But, this year I really want to make a change, so I thought I'd write down some study tips to share with all of you. It's going to be a challenge but I am really going
to try taking my own advice for once and I really wanted to share my tips with you guys!
Now, after that super long intro, let's get into the article!

Plan your time

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It's so important to plan out your days so that you don't miss that assignment or realize last minute that you don't have enough time to do all the things you have to do. Try to sit down once a week, maybe on Sundays, and write down everything you have to do. Write down all your assignments and essays that are due, all upcoming tests, that doctors appointment or maybe you need to clean your room? Plan it out and make sure that you have time to do everything that needs to be done.


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I'm always late, to everything. It is not a good trait, I am aware, and I am trying to fix it, I have been trying for years, it just won't work! But seriously, I need to start getting to school in time and I'm guessing many of you need to work on this too. Start by packing your bag the night before, books, computer, headphones all the stuff you need. And plan your outfit! This is such a struggle for me, I can spend an hour just trying to decide what to wear. I need to start planning out my outfit the night before, then in morning you know exactly what to do! And make sure to have breakfast! It doesn't have to be something elaborate, because nobody really has time for that, I mean let's be real here, but do make sure that you eat something before you leave!

Directly after school

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When you come home from school you probably have loads of homework and studying to do. First of all make sure that you eat something, grab a snack and get som energy into you, you'll need it. Then actually do your homework. This is such a struggle for me, I always go on my phone or my computer and loose track of time on social media. Not good! And then later i regret it and feel awful and then it's even harder for me to start studying. And I know I'm not alone so don't even try denying it. So, focus on actually doing school work, even a little bit, write a few sentences on that essay or at least open the book and read a little bit, try to do something. Getting started is the hardest part, once you've done that it'll get easier.


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Here are a few tips for when you're studying:

✧ Make sure you eat and drink. I have often gone on study benders and have forgotten to eat or drink for a whole day, it is not good for you and you won't be able to get things done!

✧ Please, please, please take breaks! This is something I also struggle with. I'll study for hours without taking a single break. It is so important to take breaks and rest. You will remember everything better and you will be able to work a lot more effectively. Try taking a 10 - 15 minute break every hour or so. And don't just mindlessly scroll through Instagram; grab a snack or go out for a walk or sit and think about something and actually relax for a bit.

✧ You probably knew this one was coming; do not get stuck on your phone. Turn the volume off or put it on flight mode. Try not go get caught up on social media for hours (trust me, we've all been there) and don't sit there checking your phone everytime you get a text or notification, try to not think about your phone, put it away and focus on studying, don't let it distract you!

✧ You've probably heard this one before too, but where you study is also super important. Find a place where you can focus and feel relaxed, somewhere comfortable where you don't get disturbed. Like a coffee shop, your desk, by the kitchen table or somewhere else.

✧ The last tip is about procrastination. We've all been here too, coming home from school not wanting to do anything but sleep or continue watching that series or go through social media. It is really hard to find the motivation to actually start studying, it feels impossible sometimes.
Tell yourself that you are not going to procrastinate and make sure it doesn't happen. Put away your phone, don't go on your computer for other reasons and take your books out. Sometimes it even helps to just open the books and have them in front of you, the hardest part is starting. Once you have your books out and open - just read for a little while, that will get you over the worst part of procrastination.
I think the most important thing is to not demand too much of yourself. Don't set unrealistic goals, you won't be able to write two essays and study completely for three tests in only a few hours. Tell yourself that you will do what you can today and that that is enough.


That is it for this article! Hopefully I was able to help someone or possibly motivate you a little! And please try to remember how important it is to study but also how important it is to take care of yourself first. That one essay will not define the rest of your life and neither will that failed test. Your health comes first, always. Don't push yourself too hard and remember that you are enough.
Thank you so much for reading, I love you and until next time...

- LetterFromParis