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Mischievous, dry witted and rather sarcastic. Edmund Pevensie has always been interesting to me; changing from a small boy who was lured into every wrong step on his path, to a bright man who fought for everyone he loved.

Edmund Pevensie

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Edmund Pevensie was born in 1930, as the third child of the Pevensie family. He was raised in London, England. When he was around nine years old, both he and his brother Peter, were sent to boarding school. Instead of changing his behaviour for the better, he came back, his worse personality traits being made stronger.
Around this time, World War 2 began. Edmunds father was called to war and the three children were evacuated from London because of the German bombing. They arrived at a big house which belonged to Professor Digory Kirke.

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Shortly after their arrival Lucy told Edmund that she visited a magical land, when walking through the old wardrobe. Edmund starts mocking her for her foolish and childish thoughts. However, not much later he walks in the wardrobe, to find that Lucy was right all along. He stumbles upon a sleigh carrying a large woman.

The woman introduced herself as Jadis, the Queen of Narnia. After inviting him to sit and talk with her, and conjuring him food and drink, the Queen confided in Edmund that she had always wanted a son like him to be her heir. Over the course of their chat, Edmund, who of course had no idea of the significance of his information beyond the fact he was telling it to a complete stranger, told her a great deal about his family, and that Lucy had already visited her country, and that she had met Mr. Tumnus.

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She offers to make Edmund prince if you returns to Narnia with all his siblings. Even though he doesn't see why he should bring all his siblings, he agrees. Back in the house, a couple of days later, the four siblings run away from Mrs. Macready and end up in the wardrobe. Here both Peter and Susan find out that Lucy wasn't lying after all, when they stumble into the winter aired forrest.

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They decide to visit Mr. Tumnus, but find his warrant for arrest hanging at the door. They are distracted by a bird, which brings them to Mr. Bever. The bever explains that the country is oppressed by a woman who calls herself the Queen of Narnia, but is mostly referred to as the White Which. He also tells them that there is a prophecy about the children, they are the once that should defeat the witch. In the middle of the meal at the Bever's house, Edmund, who still wanted to see the White Which, slips away.

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But the witch is furious that Edmunds comes along and throws him in the dungeon. Shortly afterward, he was retrieved from the dungeon, and set out with the Witch on her sleigh to find his siblings. On the journey to the Stone Table, they found a group of animals eating a meal provided by Father Christmas, in celebration of the return of Aslan. In her anger, she turned the lot of them into stone by use of a magic wand that she possessed over Edmund's protests. With this, Edmund finally learned to his horror what kind of a woman the Witch truly was, and became repentant for his earlier betrayal. Eventually, the snow in the forests began melting, a sign which was recognized to signal the end of the White Witch's power, and the coming of Aslan. This eventually made travel by the sledge impossible and the company had to proceed on foot, with Edmund bound and forced to march ahead of his captors.

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Realising she cannot catch the other Pevensie children, the witch decides to kill Edmund, so that the prophecy can't come true. Fortunately, Edmund is saved by Aslan, the righteous king of Narnia. After a long private conversation with the Lion and many apologies afterward to his siblings with Aslan's command to consider the matter resolved between them, Edmund was made at home, and declared a prince amongst the Narnians.

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After a long battle, where Edmund got seriously injured, the four siblings were crowned kings and queens of Narnia. They reign for 15 years (a period which is known as the golden age). But when they set out on a hunt, the four got lost in the woods and found themselves back in England via the wardrobe. In the real world, no time had moved since they left the house since the first time, they were all children again. Edmund, again a young boy, returned to boarding school with his brother that fall, greatly changed in personality. The following year, all four siblings set out for boarding school. Peter and Edmund went to Hendon House, and the girls went to Saint Finbar's. While on their way, they felt a strange tugging or pinching, which Edmund first recognized as the pull of magic. Moments later, all four were pulled out of Earth, and into a strange forest. They were going to Narnia again.

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After saving Narnia once more, fighting Telmarines along side Caspian X, they return to the real world once more. The following year their parents and Susan traveled to America, while Edmund and Lucy were sent to stay with their Aunt Alberta and Uncle Harold. Edmund was forced to share a room with his cousin, Eustace Scrubb, a younger boy whom he openly detested. During this visit, he was known to visit Lucy's private bedroom, where the two would talk about Narnia and study a painting on Lucy's wall, which they agreed resembled a Narnian ship. Eustace once caught them talking about Narnia, and entered with the intention of teasing them about it. Once he entered, the painting drew them into it, again bringing Edmund and Lucy into Narnia, along with their cousin. They travel all across the realm to find the seven missing lords of Narnia.

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After this adventure it is time to return to the 'normal world' for the last time. In 1949, Lucy, Edmund and Peter were having dinner at Eustace, Jill Pole, Polly Plummer and Digory Kirke, talking about their days in Narnia, when a Narnia looking figure appeared. The figure didn't say anything but they could all sense that there was something wrong with Narnia. Remembering that there were seven rings which could be used to travel through worlds, they intended to find them and send Jill and Eustace back to Narnia. While they were traveling to school however to use the rings, the train crashed, which resulted in the death of at least 9 people, including Edmund.

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He, along with the other Seven Friends of Narnia, were immediately resurrected in Aslan's Country, and reunited. They witnessed the end of the World of Narnia, reunited with Aslan, and lived eternally thereafter with former inhabitants of both Narnia and England.


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Edmund is the wisest and the most down-to-earth character, who also becomes Lucy's biggest supporter, and the one who looks after her the most, as opposed to younger Edmund, who always bullied and mocked her. Edmund's darker personality stems from the fact that he still has his dark thoughts and wills, as portrayed in the third book, where he is revealed to be jealous of Caspian in his ruling.

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He's also tempted for the second time by the magic pond that turns everything into gold on Deathwater Island, going to the point where he tries to lure Lucy into becoming rich and powerful along with him, and get rid of Caspian because he opposes his plan. Edmund is silent and quite sarcastic at times, being an antihero. He's also angered by and tempted to use violence on his bratty, younger cousin, Eustace Scrubb.

Physical appearance

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Edmund's physical appearance is never specifically descibed by C.S. Lewis, and various adaptations have portrayed him in different ways. The BBC version showed him with straight blonde hair and slightly ruddy skin. The Disney/Walden Media versions portray him with dark brown hair, brown eyes, pale skin, and freckles.


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Edmund wears pretty tradition clothing for 1930. He wears a simple button up shirt with a jumper over it or a vest. Later, when he attends boarding school, he wears grey trousers, a white button up, a tie, a blue jumper and a blue blazer.


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In Narnia, Edmund is often seen wearing his armour. Consisting out of red or blue under layers and metal protecting over his shoulders and arms.

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When he comes back in Narnia, he isn't wearing as much armour as before, and switches his under layers for 'pirate blouses'.

Favourite quotes

"But even a traitor may mend. I have known one that did."

"Well, I didn't exactly have a solid gold chess set in Finchley, did I?"

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[We could all use some fresh air] "It's not like there isn't air inside."

[Gastrovascular. Is it Latin? Yes] "Is it Latin for 'worst game ever invented?"

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"The last time I didn't believe Lucy, I ended up looking pretty stupid."

"If it comes to that, which is the right side? How do we know that the fauns are in the right and the Queen (yes, I know we've been told she's a witch) is in the wrong? We don't really know anything about either."

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[when he first enters Narnia] "Lucy . . . I think I believe you now."

" Perhaps we've been incorrectly labeled."

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"So, you're bravely refusing to fight a swordsman twice your age"

"It's King Edmund, actually."

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Thank you so much for reading this article! If you have any suggestions for a next character aesthetics (on Narnia or something else), let me know!

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