"She looked danger dead in the eye and winked at it."

Yes, I'm always late to trends but I've always wanted to do the hitman tag, so here it it.

Name: Mia Kiara king.

Better known as: King.

Age: 25

Height: 5'7


Temporarily removed aesthetic, bag, and beige image fashion, outfit, and style image dress and luxury image
Dangerous and Seductive.


girl, icon, and pretty image Temporarily removed makeup, eyes, and beauty image lips, lipstick, and makeup image
Blue eyes, caramel skin, plum lips, tiny waist.

Weapons of choice

red, knife, and aesthetic image Mature image Mature image character, edit, and fandom image
gun, diamonds, and luxury image gun, random, and red image Inspiring Image on We Heart It gun and money image


beauty, black, and delicious image Abusive image
Date of birth in roman numerical on the inside of my right index finger and a rose and knife on my belly.

Next target

Mature image Temporarily removed
A really hot bad boy who is also a gang leader. I eventually fall for him.

Do crimes for?

diamonds, gangsta, and ghetto image money, transfer, and money flip image
Do it for the clout.


Temporarily removed car, Lamborghini, and luxury image
A black G-class and an orange Lamborghini.

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I hope you guys enjoyed !
Have an amazing day.