I sincerely hope this Article finds you in Good Spirits, Also I honestly believe you are Reading this Article because your a Pet Lover like soo many People all around the World, I was raised with Dogs, Cats even had a little Hamster which I got the idea from Micheal Jackson Movie "Ben" years back, But I always wondered why and how are they soo Loyal towards us, I've seen in past where a Dog even gave His life to save His or Her Master and Died in process with a sad look on the Pets Face, Being almost 60 yrs old now I still wonder how Loyal they are but most of all they are some of our "Best Friends" when we need them they are always there to comfort us, It's been said that if your a Pet owner they can help expand your life by upto 15 years more, Wow what a Treat 15 years added to your life span all because you chose to provide Luv in return instead of Cruelty which many People do today, Weather through Social Media or Crimes many things are going on these days that is Horrible, But one things for sure if your a Pet owner you can feel free to be Safe and Comfortable knowing that your Pet even a Cat will protect you when ever danger is near, Pets can also save your life to warn you if your about to have a Stroke or Heart Attack which I've saw in past, It all rounds up to be good to be a "Pet Owner" know matter how you look at it, Give back and Receive the Rewards of Giving, It's that EASY, GOD BLESS us ALL!!!!!!!!!!!!!