Hey everyone :) this is my last article about songs that tell something about life and I wanted to celebrate some of my italian favorite singers, hope you enjoy it!

Ideali _Benji&Fede

benji e fede ideali image benji, benji&fede, and fede image
Loro diversi? Li chiamerò fratelli

So this song's title means "ideals" which is pretty explicative. They talk about Italy's situation back in 2014 (I think it's still ongoing actually) and they say we have to make the first step against prejudices and open our minds. I really like this song and I think Italy really needs to listen to it rn.

I consigli di un pirla _Articolo 31

Temporarily removed 31 and articolo image
T'insulteranno a gran voce tu ridi

This is absolutely one of my all-time favorites. I guess you can translate the title as "An idiot's advice" , idiot isn't the perfect translation but I can't do any better sorry. Anyways, in this song the singer gives advice to his younger brother telling him never to let society decide what he should do and always follow his dreams.

Caramelle _J-ax

lollipop, candy, and caramelle image Image by ~Cettina~
Non sarebbe male per sempre tu ti fai le unghie io gioco con la play

I admit it, I have a thing for J-ax, like I'd marry him no questions asked. This song is literally called "candies" because he talks about how great it would be to be with his girl eating candies forever, obv it's more than that but I just like the simplicity of it.

Buona vita _Marco Mengoni

gif, marco mengoni, and esercito image
Metti coraggio e buone scarpe, prendi la strada che non fa nessuno

This song is pure positivity. I didn't use to like Marco Mengoni but I really enjoyed his latest album and this is my favorite one. The lyrics I wrote mean "Haven courage, put on good shoes and take the road no one takes".

Penso positivo _Jovanotti

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Io penso positivo perché son vivo e finché son vivo

Another positive song. I guess Jovanotti is the only one you guys can know not being italian. He has such an energy and always spread positive vibes, he makes me proud to be his countrymate. In this song he says he always thinks positive even though he knows not everything is good.

Se il mondo fosse _Emis Killa, J-ax, Marracash, Club Dogo

frasi, j-ax, and emis killa image
Se il mondo fosse nostra madre potremmo stringerlo più forte e smetterebbe di tremare, vorrebbe bene ad ogni figlio in modo uguale, potrebbe dire alle città di smettere di fumare

"If the world would be" is the meaning of the title, it says all the things that could be if only the world would be different kinda, I don't really know how to exlain it, I wish you all understood italian so that you could see it yourself ugh... In the lyrics I chose they wish the earth would be our mother so that we could hug her tight to stop her shaking, she'd love us all the same and she could tell cities to stop smoking.

L'anno che verrà _Lucio Dalla

bologna, caro, and Filosofia image
L'anno che sta arrivando tra un anno passerà

The picture shows a street in Bologna where they put the lyrics of this song as a decoration, isn't it beautiful? Sooo this one is about the year passing and another one coming and all the wishes for a better world where love rules.

Bonus: spanish songs

Volar and Puebla _Álvaro Soler

alvaro soler image
Volar en el viento sentir que se para el tiempo, pintar el momento y las nubes ir persiguiendo / Te voy a enseñar cómo vivir con poca cosa cómo cazar mariposas con un mar de colores yo te quiero pintar

As I really like Álvaro, I couldn't exclude his songs, those two are my favorites and talk about having no thoughts and enjoying life.

So this is it, I hope you guys liked it and maybe got curious about italian music :)
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